Special Report: eSense-Lab (ASX:ESE) says laboratory tests by the Israeli Ministry of Health have indicated its proprietary terpene blend TRP-ENV, when combined with red algae, works just as well as traditional hand sanitiser in killing a human coronavirus.

The company is trying to develop a sanitiser product that’s effective in combating germs and viruses with reduced ethanol content, as ethanol can be harsh on the skin and has flammability risks.

The tests by the Central Virology Lab of Israel Ministry of Health compared TRP-ENV and another one of eSense’s terpene blends against a 70 per cent ethanol solution in neutralising a human coronavirus known as HCoV-OC43.

TRP-ENV when combined with SeaLaria’s red algae was found to be “at least as good” as 70 per cent ethanol over the one, three, 10 and 30 minute timeframes.

“We are pleased with the initial results from our testing at the Israeli Ministry of Health,” says Dr Eyal Kalo, chief technical officer of eSense.

“In particular, the combination of our terpenes with SeaLaria’s red algae.

“The product shows a very promising commercialisation opportunity to create a hand and surface sanitiser that provides added protection while reducing ethanol content, making it safer and easier on the human skin.”

eSense says it now plans to test TRP-ENV for a bactericidal effect against the most common airborne bacteria.

The company believes its formulation could be extended to combat both viruses and bacteria, with the potential to completely replace or at least reduce the necessity for ethanol in hand and surface sterilisation.

In June, eSense entered into a binding joint venture with ANC Enterprises to produce a new range of skin care, hair care and hand sanitiser products with eSense’s proprietary terpenes, and has been waiting for the results from these tests to move forward.

Dialogue with ASX continues

Meanwhile, eSense says it is in talks with the ASX to answer its queries as efficiently as possible. Shares in the company have been suspended since late July because of issues around its board of directors. eSense says it is recruiting for more directors to put the company back in compliance with ASX rules and its own articles of association.

“The Company thanks Shareholders for their patience during this time, and assures Shareholders that it is committed to navigating the process to reinstatement to trading in the most efficient manner possible,” eSense said in an October 30 ASX release.

This article was developed in collaboration with eSense-Lab, a Stockhead advertiser at the time of publishing.

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