An anonymous independent biostatistician says Analytica’s a-better-orgasm-in-five-weeks device works.

The company (ASX:ALT) says the results showed “significant improvements” in pelvic floor strength in five weeks, and a reduction in urine volume and leakage episodes in three weeks.

The data review was with women who self-selected as part of an ‘8 Week Challenge’.

CEO Geoff Daly says they plan to reveal the US-based researcher as they submit the data for publication in urological and woman’s health journals, but “he’s not a secret”, they just haven’t got an okay yet to name him.

He told Stockhead that 160 women participated in the challenge for the full eight weeks, and was at pains to say that number is not the same as total sales of the device.

Analytica makes a dildo-like device which, when vaginally inserted, measures movement when women do pelvic floor exercises and then wirelessly sends the data to a mobile phone.

It is designed to help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles which are responsible for sexual pleasure and preventing incontinence, a condition that affects women after events such as childbirth.

Pericoach is an app-enabled device that encourages women to do their pelvic floor exercises
Pericoach is an app-enabled device that encourages women to do their pelvic floor exercises. 

Mr Daly said 160 women participated in the strength part of the trial, and of those 37 also kept a “bladder diary”.

The strength assessment of strength was measured by direct force exerted on the vaginal sensor during each session.

Nearly a third of users saw at least a 50 per cent improvement in strength.

In the leakage test, 60 per cent of the women who used the device for at least three weeks reported a 30 per cent reduction in leakage episodes and volume. By week eight, 75 per cent of the users have at least 80 per cent improvement in both episodes and volume.

Chairman Dr Michael Monsour said his patients would often complain that they’d see no change in continence symptoms even after years of doing unsupervised exercises at home.

Analytica has been contacted for comment.

The company’s shares were flat at 0.6c.

Analytica shares over the last six months.