Stockhead is introducing regular wraps of news from the hottest ASX small cap themes.

Recently we’ve added columns on China-focused infant formula exporterscannabis stocks and battery metals.

Today we’re adding a fortnightly look at the ASX’s 140-odd small cap health stocks.

The big news in the health sector is the PM’s call for a Royal Commission into the aged care sector which sent the ASX’s aged care-related stocks into freefall on Monday.

It was one of the bigger health stories over the past fortnight, compounded by news that the National Disability Insurance Scheme was failing to rescue young people from aged care homes.

Stockhead‘s Rachel Williams reports that despite a 20 per cent fall in the value of some ASX aged care stocks, they still don’t look like an opportunity.

Just 47 of the ASX’s 140-odd small cap health stocks have seen share price rises over the past two weeks, compared with 73 which experienced falls (23 were flat).

There was an average share price movement of just 0.5 per cent.

>> Scroll down for a table showing the performance of small cap health stocks over the past two weeks

Two respiratory-related stocks made some of the biggest gains over that period.

Respiri (ASX:RSH) — up 39 per cent to 11c — makes what they call the world’s first digital wheeze detection and measurement technology.

It’s aimed at replacing outdated and difficult-to-use instruments for lung function testing.

Respiri announced earlier this month that SRX Global would produce the hardware.

Similarly, ResApp (ASX:RAP) was up 38 per cent to 27c. ResApp produces an app that allows for instant diagnosis and management of respiratory disease.

The company went into a trading halt on Monday morning, pending the release of an announcement about a capital raise that is due out on Wednesday.

Medlab Clinical (ASX:MDC) gained a hard-to-get medicinal cannabis export licence so that it can export its two cannabis mouth sprays.

The company is up 4 per cent in the past fortnight, hitting 48c.

Rhythm Biosciences (ASX:RHY), which listed in December last year, is also up around 4 per cent.

The company says that it is hoping to help treat bowel cancer, which is rising in Asia.

Podiatry roll-up Healthia (ASX:HLA) has had a good start to life on the ASX, with its share price rising 26 per cent since it listed last week.

The company launched a $27 million initial public offering back in August.

Healthia now owns the 56-strong chain of My FootDr podiatry clinics, an orthotics laboratory called iOrthotics, and half of an allied health supplies business called DBS Medical.

Chairman Glen Richards is hoping a co-owner model will allow Healthia to gain a large scale foothold in the fragmented $3 billion sector, much in the same way as he did with his vet clinic Greencross (ASX:GXH).

At the other end of the scale, mental health tech company Medibio (ASX:MEB) finds itself down 41 per cent in the past fortnight.

While the company reported good news earlier this month that its algorithm for detecting depression hit accuracy rates of about 70 per cent, it also lost its CEO, Jack Cosentino, who suddenly and unexpectedly departed the company.

Shares in Medibio are also down 77 per cent year-on-year. The company was trading at 8.8c yesterday.

Here’s a table showing price performance for the ASX’s small cap health stocks over the past two weeks.

Click headings to sort:

ASX codeCompanyTwo-week price changeOne-year price changePrice Sep 17 (intraday)CategoryMarket Cap
BPHBPH ENERGY100.2cLife Sciences Tools & Services1.4M
FFCFARMAFORCE0.50.8315cHealth Care Services19.2M
RSHRESPIRI0.392.6711cHealth Care Equipment54.4M
RAPRESAPP HEALTH0.382.827cHealth Care Technology177.9M
ONEONEVIEW HEAL0.38-0.57$1.45 Health Care Technology93.7M
EXLELIXINOL GLOBAL (listed Jan 2018)0.331$2.00 Personal Products187.8M
AMTALLEGRA ORTHOPAE0.33-0.2512cHealth Care Equipment11.9M
PCKPAINCHEK0.290.26.7cHealth Care Technology51.9M
GSSGENETIC SIGNATUR0.270.6365cLife Sciences Tools & Services68.6M
HLAHEALTHIA (listed Sep 11, 2018)0.260.26$1.26 Health Care Services79.7M
ALCALCIDION GROUP 0.22-0.045cHealth Care Technology39.5M
GTGGENETIC TECH0.20.711.2cLife Sciences Tools & Services25.4M
PIQPROTEOMICS INTER0.170.5628cLife Sciences Tools & Services22.8M
AJJASIAN AMERICAN0.140.1412cHealth Care Services40.5M
SKNSKIN ELEMENTS0.14-0.832.5cPersonal Products3.2M
MGZMEDIGARD0.13-0.281.8cHealth Care Supplies2.4M
RHTRESONANCE HEALTH0.090.092.4cHealth Care Equipment9.7M
NC6NANOLLOSE (listed Oct 2017)0.08-0.3513cBiotechnology9.0M
SOMSOMNOMED0.06-0.45$1.94 Health Care Equipment121.0M
VHTVOLPARA HEALTH0.060.6290.5cHealth Care Technology161.2M
FTTFACTOR THERA0.06-0.045.5cBiotechnology46.7M
BRCBRAIN RESOURCE0.05-0.384cHealth Care Services21.3M
AC8AUSCANN GROUP0.051.03$1.03 Pharmaceuticals327.6M
ANPANTISENSE THERAP0.05-0.322.3cPharmaceuticals8.5M
MDC c 0.04-0.2348cBiotechnology98.8M
IPDIMPEDIMED0.04-0.3650cHealth Care Equipment191.4M
ATXAMPLIA THERAPEUT0.040.1338.5cBiotechnology15.8M
RHYRHYTHM BIOSCIENC (listed Dec 2017)0.04-0.2814.5cHealth Care Services14.1M
NHLNOVITA HEALTHCAR0.030.13.4cHealth Care Technology15.3M
SDISDI0.030.0561.5cHealth Care Supplies73.7M
OSPOSPREY MEDIC0.02-0.5121cHealth Care Equipment71.3M
M7TMACH7 TECH0.020.4722cHealth Care Technology29.1M
S66STAR COMBO PHARMA (listed May 2018)0.020.7587.5cPersonal Products69.6M
PARPARADIGM BIOPHARMA0.021.393cBiotechnology121.2M
SDXSIENNA CANCER0.01-0.328.4cBiotechnology22.5M
SILSMILES INCLUSIVE (listed Apr 2018)0.01-0.0397cHealth Care Services56.2M
PGCPARAGON CARE0.01-0.1773.5cHealth Care Distributors205.7M
AHZADMEDUS (suspended)0-0.4813.5cHealth Care Supplies47.6M
IDTIDT AUSTRALIA00.7415cPharmaceuticals34.2M
ALTANALYTICA00.20.6cHealth Care Equipment20.0M
MX1MICRO-X0-0.1434cHealth Care Equipment49.1M
PSQPACIFIC SMILES G0-0.15$1.45 Health Care Facilities222.7M
MMJMMJ PHYTOTECH0-0.1827cPharmaceuticals64.4M
EHHEAGLE HEALTH HOL0-0.1930cPersonal Products100.3M
RCERECCE PHARMACEUT0-0.2118.5cPharmaceuticals16.5M
ADOANTEO DIAGNOSTIC0-0.281.3cLife Sciences Tools & Services15.0M
AHXAPIAM ANIMAL HEA0-0.2856cHealth Care Services57.6M
VBSVECTUS BIOSYSTEM0-0.3295cBiotechnology22.2M
CTECRYOSITE0-0.516.4cLife Sciences Tools & Services3.0M
ITDITL HEALTH GROUP0-0.5717.5cHealth Care Supplies15.0M
RVAREVA MEDICAL0-0.6724cHealth Care Equipment85.0M
TTCTRADITIONAL THER0-0.715.8cHealth Care Facilities13.8M
SUDSUDA PHARMACEUTI0-0.750.5cPharmaceuticals12.9M
LCTLIVING CELL TECH0-0.793cBiotechnology16.6M
AXPAIRXPANDERS0-0.8211.5cHealth Care Equipment58.5M
CAJCAPITOL HEALTH-0.01-0.0127.8cHealth Care Services229.7M
ZNTZENITAS HEALTHCA-0.010.11$1.40 Health Care Services103.8M
ELXELLEX MEDICAL LA-0.02-0.276cHealth Care Equipment113.4M
UBIUNIVERSAL BI-0.02-0.3723.5cHealth Care Equipment41.5M
TLXTELIX PHARMA (listed Nov 2017)-0.020.3285.5cBiotechnology176.2M
ADRADHERIUM-0.02-0.078.5cHealth Care Technology14.8M
CYCCYCLOPHARM-0.030.2390cHealth Care Equipment61.9M
GMVG MEDICAL INNHOL-0.03-0.1234cHealth Care Technology121.3M
1ST1ST GROUP-0.03-0.233.3cHealth Care Technology6.8M
CANCANN GROUP-0.031.36$2.69 Pharmaceuticals378.3M
KZAKAZIA THERAPEUTI-0.030.0943.5cBiotechnology21.1M
ICSICSGLOBAL-0.030.08$1.14 Health Care Services12.1M
HCTHOLISTA COLLTECH-0.03-0.118.5cPersonal Products19.6M
CMPCOMPUMEDICS-0.040.2649cHealth Care Equipment88.6M
TPETPI ENTERPRISES-0.04-0.42$1.47 Life Sciences Tools & Services122.0M
SCUSTEMCELL UNITED-0.04-0.232.3cBiotechnology12.3M
NEUNEUREN PHARMACEU-0.040.05$1.30 Pharmaceuticals130.5M
MVPMEDICAL DEVELOPM-0.04-0.2$3.86 Pharmaceuticals247.3M
LBTLBT INNOVATIONS-0.05-0.6710.5cHealth Care Equipment21.1M
CGSCOGSTATE-0.05-0.4162.5cHealth Care Technology74.3M
MDRMEDADVISOR-0.050.144cHealth Care Technology51.6M
GLHGLOBAL HEALTH-0.05-0.4219cHealth Care Technology6.5M
NVLNAT VET CARE-0.05-0.17$2.27 Health Care Services134.5M
PTXPRESCIENT THERAP-0.050.89cBiotechnology20.8M
VLSVITA LIFE SCIENC-0.05-0.287.2cPharmaceuticals39.5M
ONT1300 SMILES-0.06-0.07$6.02 Health Care Facilities142.3M
AVHAVITA MEDICAL-0.060.699.1cBiotechnology128.9M
AZVAZURE HEALTHCARE-0.06-0.047.5cHealth Care Equipment17.5M
ZLDZELDA THERAPEUTI-0.06-0.087.3cBiotechnology57.4M
LSHLIFESPOT HEALTH-0.07-0.428.1cHealth Care Technology6.1M
BLTBENITEC BIOPHAR-0.070.4717.5cBiotechnology45.0M
CYPCYNATA THERAPEUT-0.070.79$1.23 Biotechnology121.0M
CDXCARDIEX-0.070.563.9cHealth Care Equipment21.3M
MVFMONASH IVF GROUP-0.08-0.2$1.12 Biotechnology262.7M
CP1CANNPAL ANIMAL (listed Oct 2017)-0.08-0.1317.5cPharmaceuticals16.3M
PBTPRANA BIOTECHNOL-0.09-0.314.2cBiotechnology22.6M
ACWACTINOGEN MEDICA-0.09-0.055.2cBiotechnology59.8M
CPHCRESO PHARMA-0.090.0856cPharmaceuticals64.8M
KKTKONEKT-0.09-0.4230cHealth Care Services31.6M
UCMUSCOM-0.09-0.1714.5cHealth Care Equipment19.9M
OVNOVENTUS MEDICAL-0.09-0.3324cHealth Care Equipment26.0M
NTINEUROTECH INT-0.1-0.2713.5cHealth Care Equipment13.6M
NSBNEUROSCIENTIFIC (listed Jul 2018)-0.1-0.1317.5cBiotechnology12.9M
IHLIMPRESSION HEALT-0.11-0.061.7cHealth Care Supplies5.0M
AHYASALEO CARE-0.11-0.5671.3cPersonal Products388.3M
PBPPROBIOTEC-0.131.79$1.45 Pharmaceuticals94.5M
TDLTBG DIAGNOSTICS-0.15-0.664.6cBiotechnology10.0M
BD1BARD1 LIFE SCIEN-0.150.381.1cHealth Care Services9.1M
OSLONCOSIL MEDICAL-0.161.0118.5cLife Sciences Tools & Services118.6M
ANRANATARA LIFESCIE-0.17-0.6450cBiotechnology25.2M
IBXIMAGION BIOSYSTE-0.17-0.487.3cHealth Care Equipment15.9M
RACRACE ONCOLOGY-0.25-0.749cBiotechnology7.0M
SVASIMAVITA-CDI-0.250.33cHealth Care Equipment10.4M
OILOPTISCAN IMA-0.27-0.464.4cHealth Care Equipment20.3M
MEMMEMPHASYS-0.27-0.631.1cLife Sciences Tools & Services4.7M
JHLJAYEX HEALTHCARE-0.39-0.141.9cHealth Care Technology3.4M