CardieX and Mobvoi are poised to release a world-first consumer smartwatch with proprietary heart-health features leveraging CardieX subsidiary ATCOR’s FDA-cleared SphygmoCor® technology.

Australian medtech CardieX Limited (ASX:CDX) has announced the imminent launch of a first-in-kind wearable device – a smartwatch jointly developed by CardieX subsidiary ATCOR and Google-backed tech unicorn Mobvoi.

ATCOR has been in development with Mobvoi for the better part of two years, working on integrating ATCOR’s proprietary Arty Heart Health analytics platform, an advanced heart and arterial health management ecosystem based on ATCOR’s FDA-cleared SphygmoCor technology, into the smart wearable device.

As recently reported in the Wall Street Journal, Apple is looking to incorporate blood pressure features in its next smartwatch as the company seeks to add more health-related improvements, but for now, it looks like the Mobvoi smartwatch will be a desirable alternative for consumers seeking advanced heart health features.

Some of these novel features will include the Arty® Score, Exercise Capacity® (eCAP®), ArtyAge™, TruHR®, and Heart Stress Score (HSS), all proprietary and trademarked technologies of ATCOR, and all of which are being offered to consumers for the first time in the Mobvoi smartwatch.

“It is incredibly exciting to see the significant progress that we have made with the Mobvoi team to bring a unique and differentiated feature set focused on heart health into Mobvoi’s portfolio,” said Craig Cooper, CEO and managing director of CardieX.

“I am very happy that we decided to further development efforts during the pandemic instead of launching early, and we are even more confident now that the improvements we have made will make this one of Mobvoi’s most exciting consumer smartwatch launches.”


Commercialisation strategy

Smartwatch hardware and firmware development has been led by Mobvoi, with ATCOR focused on the integration of proprietary Arty Heart Health algorithms. The wearable product launch will represent the first commercial implementation of this innovative cardiovascular monitoring technology, which is being integrated into several new products by CardieX group companies over the next 12 months.

CEO of Mobvoi, Zhifei Li, said the ongoing partnership with CardieX underpinned the company’s health-focused strategy.

“We are tremendously excited about the progress that our teams have made during this initial partnership with CardieX and ATCOR,” he said.

“The imminent launch of our new smartwatch will provide a glimpse of the Arty Heart Health capabilities and importantly represent Mobvoi’s commitment to health-focused features in its consumer electronics portfolio.”


Apple rival

CardieX is working on the commercialisation of a range of wearable and home health devices with advanced heart monitoring features through manufacturing and development partnerships via its new consumer health division, CONNEQT.

All wearables will feature ATCOR’s patent-pending technology that is capable of extracting clinically relevant cardiovascular and consumer health data features from a novel and patent-pending finger-activated PPG sensor.

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