Bard1 (ASX:BD1) has picked up its run where it left off last week as investors hailed its latest clinical data.

The cancer diagnostics stock closed last Monday at 68 cents but finished the week at over $1.70 after releasing data showing its cancer detection tech worked against ovarian cancer.

Bard1’s blood probe, SubB2M, specifically looks for Neu5Gc, a sugar molecule present in several cancers including ovarian and breast cancer.

Last week Griffith University’s Institute of Glycomics found that SubB2M could be used to detect all stages of ovarian cancer with 100 per cent specificity and 100 per cent sensitivity.

Today, the company released data from another study showing SubB2M could detect all stages of breast cancer – again with 100 per cent specificity.

Griffith conducted a study on 96 patients with all stages of breast cancer and in the test round all of them had elevated levels of Neu5Gc glycans compared to 22 subjects without cancer.

Shares gained over 40 per cent today and are over 250 per cent higher in a week.

Bard1 Life Sciences (ASX:BD1) share price chart

‘Remarkable’ data

The results were hailed both by the university and the company.

Griffith’s Mike Jennings said the technology had “remarkable sensitivity and specificity” for detection of these biomarkers.

The company says it is already planning to develop and commercialise the tests.

Bard1’s CEO Leearne Hinch said her technology was revolutionary and had strong potential.

“A non-invasive, accurate and reliable blood test for monitoring breast cancer has the potential to enable earlier detection, inform treatment options and improve health outcomes for women diagnosed with this deadly cancer,” she said.

Bard1 is not the only cancer detection stock to see a solid run of late.

Rhythm Biosciences (ASX:RHY) is developing a blood-based test for colorectal cancer and it has grown from 4 cents to over $1.30 in less than a year as it has edged closer and launched a watermark clinical trial.