Body tracker app MyFiziq is going corporate – today announcing a partnership with workplace wellness app WellteQ so employers can closely track the changes in an employee’s body.

MyFiziq’s selfie app allow users to monitor their exercise and create virtual avatars to monitor changes in their body.

Under the deal, that technology wil be integrated into WellteQ’s “corporate digital wellness” program.

WellteQ — used by employers such as Qantas, Telstra and BUPA — analyses “multiple facets of employee activity in and out of the workplace” including mental wellbeing and activity tracking.

MyFiziq’s boss Vlado Bosanac said the partnership would allow WellteQ to reach the “holy grail” of a visual tool for employers to show the “change their employees are achieving”.

“Combining our technology with WellteQ will be a paradigm shift in both tracking and analytic capabilities for the employer and individual,” Mr Bosanac said.

“Taking fitness and wellness into the workplace has been growing rapidly with corporations acknowledging the need to engage with their workers on their healthy body, healthy mind outcomes to further expand better workplace outcomes and productivity.”

For each user active on the platform, MyFiziq will earn between $US3 and US 80c.

MyFiziq was the best performing ASX small cap last year, gaining more than 2000 per cent in a few months.

The shares (ASX:MYQ) have since cooled from highs of $1.60 in January to trade around 84c (up 10 per cent today).

MyFiziq (MYQ) share price movements over the past 3 months.
MyFiziq (MYQ) share price movements over the past 3 months.

“This is a step change in our ability to accurately calculate health risk and ROI,” WellteQ chief Scott Montgomery said of the deal.

“For our clients, the payers, this enhances our contribution to a data-driven HR business function, and for the user, the employee, a world-class world first engagement feature that further feeds intrinsic motivation with a visually engaging avatar that quantifies their results as reward for health improvement efforts.”