Special report: Cannabis play Creso Pharma is preparing to launch two cannabis-flavoured beers as soon as next month.

The first two beers Old Boy Mary Jane and Ghost Bog Hazy IPA — now fermenting at an Estonian brewery under the watchful eye of Creso’s partner Baltic Beer Company — will be ready in July.

Creso (ASX:CPH) and Baltic Beer are working with Canadian cannabis investor LGC Capital on the venture, which operates under the brand CLV Frontier Brands.

The beers contain blends of a chemical compound called “terpenes” which give off the distintive aroma of cannabis.

Terpenes are organic, fragrant oils found in plants that carry flavour and aroma.

The terpenes used in the beer will carry the characteristic odour and aroma of cannabis but they aren’t derived from cannabis — and won’t contain THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the compound that gets you high.

CLV developed a state-of-the-art Estonian brewery to develop the beers as well as other kinds of adult soft drinks.

Once ready, the group has deals with brewing and bottling partners to produce the beverages on a larger scale.

The beers will be marketed with the tagline ‘Beer with substance’ — initially in the UK followed by other European countries, then Canada, Australia and Israel.

Creso wil launch its new cannabis-flavoured beers in the UK this September.

An initial launch will take place in September at the Boutique Bar Show in London followed by a European launch planned for October at the Anuga Exhibition in Cologne.

CVL is also testing a range of terpene-based adult soft drinks — Gypsy Sparkling Water, Gypsy Adult Soft Drink and Gypsy Tonic Water.

“We are very excited about the imminent launch of these unique creative products infused with natural organic terpenes that bring unusual and exciting flavours and aromas,” said Creso’s co-founder and CEO Dr Miri Halperin Wernli.

“We see a lot of potential value in this growing market and anticipate a successful initial portfolio launch in Europe.

“Through the vast geographic reach of the three parties in this venture, we can look forward to opportunities for this innovative new range of drinks to be produced and sold globally.”

Baltic Beer Company’s managing director Paul Baxendale said: “This is an exciting new direction for the drinks industry.

“Terpenes can provide whole new layers of natural flavour that you cannot get from traditional ingredients alone.

“The growth of craft beers shows that consumers are not afraid to try something different and we aim to offer an intriguing dimension to both beers and non-alcoholic drinks.”

The drinks will soon be marketed at two websites: www.obmj.beer and www.gypsydrinks.com.


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