The ASX Healthcare index fell slightly by 0.17% this morning, compared with the broader index which rose by 0.7%.

Proteomics (ASX:PIQ) led the sector, rising by 10% after announcing that it has engaged global life science company Abcam (Nasdaq:ABCM) to manufacture reagents for the immunoassay version of its PromarkerD predictive blood test.

The PromarkerD blood test is used for the early detection of kidney disease in patients with type 2 diabetes.

Under the terms, Abcam will produce the specialist reagents required for the immunoassay version of the PromarkerD test.

These reagents include synthetic protein standards and antibodies, which are used to detect the protein biomarkers in the blood associated with diabetic kidney disease.


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Other ASX health and biotech stocks with announcements today

Actinogen (ASX:ACW) +6.5%

The company says the two-part XanaMIA trial in mild cognitive impairment (MZI) due to Alzheimer’s disease (AD) has commenced in healthy older patients with biomarker-confirmed AD.

Actinogen also reported a strong cash position, with $13.46m held as at 30 June 2021.

Apart from AD, Actinogen is also working on studies in anxiety, and sleep and behavioural problems in Fragile X Syndrome (FXS).

Island Pharma (ASX:ILA) +5%

Island Pharma and Curia have entered into an agreement in which Curia will process GMP active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) for Island’s upcoming clinical trial.

It has also entered into a deal with CerRx, in which Island will purchase synthesized starting material from CerRx.

“Based on current timelines, we remain on track to initiate a dengue fever trial later in 2021,” says CEO of Island Pharmaceuticals, Dr David Foster.

Next Science (ASX:NXS) +4%

The biofilms focused company reported an unaudited record H1 revenue of US$3.9 million, which was a 271% growth on prior year.

“The strategies we are executing to commercialise our proprietary Xbio technology platform are delivering record results,” Judith Mitchell, NXS’s CEO commented.

The Xbio technology is solving the problem of bacterial biofilms, NXS says. The non-toxic technology attacks and deconstructs the structure of the biofilm by removing the metal ions and exposing the bacteria within the biofilm, making them more vulnerable to eradication.

Cogstate (ASX:CGS) +4.5%

The brain health company reported a 30% increase (from previous corresponding period) in its Q4 revenue to $10 million.

Cogstate also released an earnings guidance, saying that it expects to record a profit before tax in the range of $5.2 – $5.7 million.

Recce Pharma (ASX:RCE) +4.5%

The company announced the US Patent and Trademark Office has granted Patent Family 3 “Anti-Virus Agent and Method for Treatment Of Viral Infections” for RECCE 327 until 2037.

This is the fourth of five patents in Family 3 to be granted to the company, following its recent patent grants in the biggest pharmaceutical markets in the world: China, Japan, Europe, with only Australia remaining.

Telix Pharma (ASX:TLX) +3%

Telix said cash reserves have reduced but remained strong, with $49.62 million as at June 30 (compared to $61.42 million held on 31 March 2021).

The company has continued its progress in transitioning to a commercial-stage, revenue generating company, with Illuccix , an investigational diagnostic imaging agent for PSMA -PET imaging of prostate cancer, to become its first commercial product.

Incannex Healthcare (ASX:IHL) unchanged

The company has filed an International Patent Application entitled “Methods for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnoea” as part of the IHL-42X development program.

The patent will provide IHL with an opportunity to pursue patent protection including the key markets of North America, the European Union, Japan and Australia.

Incannex has just has just received ethic’s approval to commence an open label extension to the phase 2b clinical trial.

The study will recruit people who have experienced a benefit from IHL-42X in the phase 2b trial, and will assess the therapeutic benefit and tolerability of IHL-42X in those patients over an extended timeframe.


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