• Orthocell’s nerve reconstruction trial shows encouraging results
  • Neuroscientific gets ethics approval to commence early-phase clinical trial

Orthocell demonstrates encouraging trial results

Orthocell (ASX:OCC) jumped 7% this morning after reporting that final data read-out of all patients in its nerve reconstruction trial has shown encouraging results.

The regenerative medicine company said results demonstrated early recovery of muscle function to paralysed upper limbs, with continued improvement over 12 and 24 months.

Today’s read-out was a 24 months post-treatment for all patients that underwent nerve reconstruction with lead drug Remplir, following injury to the spinal cord, brachial plexus and other peripheral arm/hand nerves.

Patients recruited in the clinical trial had suffered traumatic nerve injuries following motor vehicle, sporting or work-related incidents, resulting in partial or total loss of use of their arms and, in more severe cases, their legs and torso as well (quadriplegia).

As part of the trial, they received one or more nerve reconstructions augmented with Remplir in one or both upper limbs.

Follow-up data at 12 months showed that 76% (25 of 33) of nerve reconstructions resulted in functional recovery of muscles controlled by the reconstructed nerve.

And today’s follow-up data at 24 months post treatment showed that 85% (23 of 27) of nerve reconstructions resulted in functional recovery of target muscles closest to the reconstruction site.

“This study has demonstrated higher quality outcomes, improved predictability, and consistency of return of muscle function following Remplir nerve reconstruction treatment,” said Orthocell CEO, Paul Anderson.


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Neuroscientific gets ethics approval

Peptide-based drugs biotech, NeuroScientific Biopharma (ASX:NSB), has just received an ethics approval for an early-phase clinical trial of lead candidate, EmtinB.

The clinical trial will focus on the assessment of biomarkers in human blood samples that could indicate proof of the mechanism of activity of EmtinB in humans.

The trial will recruit up to 30 healthy volunteers, and will be undertaken by leading WA-based clinical research partner Linear Clinical Research.

EmtinB is a potential disease-modifying treatment for neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease and multiple sclerosis.

In April, NSB reported that EmtinB was shown to be safe with no major adverse effects or toxicology following the Preclinical Safety and Toxicology Program.

“The commencement of the clinical development program for EmtinB is a significant milestone in progressing our lead drug candidate towards commercialisation,” said NSB CEO, Matt Liddelow.

“It is a historic accomplishment for the company, being the first clinical trial to be initiated by NeuroScientific.”


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