• Neuroscientific announce positive results of EmtinB in mice model
  • Island Pharma appoints new drug manufacturer for Phase 2 study

Neuroscientific announces positive results for EmtinB

NeuroScientific Biopharmaceuticals (ASX: NSB) has announced positive preliminary results of lead drug candidate, EmtinB, in a gold standard animal model of multiple sclerosis (MS).

Undertaken by leading contract research partner Biospective in Canada, the study evaluated EmtinB across four dose groups (5mg/kg, 10mg/kg, 20mg/kg, and 40mg/kg) with the drug administered daily for a period of 30 days following the onset of initial symptoms in the mice.

Clinical scoring was then created to assess the severity of MS symptoms.

Mice treated with 10mg/kg and 20mg/kg doses of EmtinB consistently achieved lower clinical scores, indicating reduced disease severity, from the onset of symptoms and through to the peak of the disease in comparison to untreated controls.

These mice also consistently exhibited higher levels of myelin, a protein crucial for the efficient function of nerve cells, in comparison to untreated controls.

Mice treated with EmtinB also exhibited lower levels of activated T cells (CD3+), activated microglia and macrophages (Iba-1), and activated astrocytes (GFAP) across all dose groups in comparison to untreated controls.

“The preliminary results from this study conducted in the gold standard animal model for MS are highly encouraging for the development of EmtinB as a treatment for MS, in particular the relapse-remitting type of MS in which inflammation is a key driver of symptoms,” said NeuroScientific’s CEO, Matt Liddelow.

“In comparison to currently marketed MS therapeutics, EmtinB has the potential to be a disease-modifying treatment option for MS patients with a much more tolerable side-effect profile,” he added.

NeuroScientific will now progress EmtinB into a larger study involving the MOG-EAE mouse model of MS, and expects to report a full set of results midway through the second half of 2022.


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Island Pharma signs deal with Sofgen

Antiviral drug biotech, Island Pharmaceuticals (ASX: ILA), announced a one-off deal with Sofgen for the manufacture of ISLA-101 clinical material, for the upcoming Phase 2a PEACH clinical trial in dengue disease.

Under the deal, Sofgen, a leader in softgel manufacturing, will produce the ISLA-101 clinical materials by mid-August.

Once manufactured, the material will undergo 30-day stability studies, and release testing after which the Investigational New Drug Application (IND) can be finalised and filed.

This is an important and final step required before the PEACH clinical trial can commence.

Island had pursued Sofgen after the previous manufacturer wasn’t able to deliver on time, causing a six-week delay in Island’s original program timeline.

“We are excited by Sofgen’s presence in Latin America, given the prevalence of dengue fever in the region, which is anticipated to be a significant market for ISLA-101,” said CEO of Island Pharmaceuticals, Dr David Foster.

“We take our manufacturing partners very seriously, and would not have changed unless there was good reason to do so.

“We feel we’ve now got the right solution for our strong focus on moving ahead to enable the commencement of our clinical study.”


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