• INOVIQ announced positive results on SUBB2M
  • Invion expands to international markets

INOVIQ (ASX:IIQ) rose 5% this morning after announcing positive results for its SUBB2M breast cancer test.

The company said its SubB2M-CA15.3 breast cancer test has outperformed a leading commercially available CA15.3 tumour marker test.

Data showed INOVIQ’s SubB2M-CA15.3 test clearly discriminated between breast cancer and healthy controls across all cancer stages.

In the process, it correctly identified 73% (69/94) of all samples tested.

When compared to Roche’s Elecsys CA15.3 II test, performed on the same set of samples, INOVIQ’s SubB2M-CA15.3 test displayed superior performance with an AUC (area under the curve) of 0.81 vs 0.68.

INOVIQ’s technology works by enhancing existing tumour marker tests with SubB2M, an an engineered protein that binds to a unique sugar molecule called Neu5Gc which is only present in human cancers.

The intended use of the SubB2M breast cancer test is as an aid for monitoring breast cancer already present in women.

CEO Dr Leearne Hinch said of today’s result: “The successful completion of this study represents a significant advance in INOVIQ’s SubB2M diagnostics program.”

“The SubB2M-CA15.3 test will be the first of INOVIQ’s SubB2M-enhanced blood tests to be commercialised, initially as an aid for monitoring breast cancer.”

According to the World Health Organisation, breast cancer is the most common cancer globally, with 2.3 million new cases, 685k deaths, and 7.8 million survivors in 2020.


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Invion expands overseas

Meanwhile, Invion (ASX:IVX) has just expanded its Photosoft technology territory to include the US, Canada and Hong Kong.

Invion signed an agreement with RMW Cho Group for the co-development of the Photosoft technology in relation to infectious diseases.

Upon completion, Invion will gain exclusive distribution rights in those countries.

Invion already has an R&D deal in place with RMW, where RMW funds all cancer related R&D work and clinical trials in ANZ.

Under the expanded agreement today, any pre-clinical or clinical trials will be at Invion’s election, and funding for future clinical and non-clinical work will be shared between Invion and RMW.

This has been agreed at a split of Invion 25% and RMW 75%, and future clinical work will be funded by Invion 75% and RMW 25%.

Invion will also pay RMW an amount of $2.5M as a contribution to prior development costs invested by RMW in the Photosoft technology in relation to the indications for those countries mentioned.


Invion share price today: