• Arovella seals global, exclusive licence to develop a world-first therapy
  • Truscreen announced strong sales growth in China
  • Imricor commenced new activation of site in Croatia


Arovella Therapeutics (ASX:ALA) has entered into a global, exclusive licence with Sparx Group to develop a world-first iNKT cell therapy targeting gastric cancers, gastroesophageal junction cancers, and pancreatic cancer.

Under the licensing deal, Sparx will have access to the use of a novel monoclonal antibody (mAb) sequence targeting CLDN18.2 in cell therapies.

The mAb, known as SPX-101, has completed all preclinical proof-of-concept, safety and toxicology studies required to commence a Phase 1 trial to treat gastric cancers.

Sparx will use the SPX-101 sequence to generate a chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) that will be incorporated into Arovella’s iNKT cell platform to target those cancers and other solid tumours.

The iNKT cell therapy specifically targets the Claudin 18.2 (CLDN18.2),  a cell surface protein specifically expressed in those cancers.

The company says CLDN18.2-iNKT cells are expected to provide superior cancer killing properties relative to an antibody alone.

Arovella’s CEO and MD, Dr Michael Baker, said he was very excited to have licensed the CLDN18.2 mAb sequence for use in cell therapy.

“CLDN18.2 is an exciting target, generating a lot of interest globally.

“Arovella will be the only company in the world developing a CAR-iNKT cell therapy targeting CLDN18.2.

“The natural benefits that iNKT cells may bring to solid tumours, combined with the CLDN18.2 CAR, is a compelling concept for cancer patients,” said Baker.


TruScreen’s strong sales in China

Medical device company TruScreen Group (ASX:TRU) reported a 33% growth in H1 FY24 product sales, and a 28% growth in sales of Single Use Disposable Sensors (SUS) sales against the pcp.

The company says China has been a major contributor to sales, returning to pre-Covid levels.

This came as TruScreen was recognised recently in major national Guidelines by the Chinese Society of Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology (CSCCP), published in the July edition.

Elsewhere, Saudi Arabia has commenced commercial operations in Q2 FY24 and TruScreen is expecting a positive result from the national regulator in Mexico, Cofepris, in late FY24.

In Vietnam, four more major screening hospitals are pending approval of TruScreen with strong local authorities support.

And in Zimbabwe, TruScreen’s device has now screened a total of 14,000 women in Masvingo province.

The TruScreen device, TruScreen Ultra, is a CE Marked/EC certified, ISO 13485 compliant device for cervical cancer screening.


Imricor activates first site in Croatia

Imricor Medical Systems (ASX:IMR) announced that it was activating a new iCMR (Interventional Cardiac Magnetic Resonance) imaging site in Zagreb, Croatia.

The Clinical Hospital Dubrava has placed an order for Imricor capital equipment, and installation is targeted for the end of October. Procedures are expected to commence this quarter.

Under the terms, Dubrava will order a minimum of 50 procedures worth of consumable product within the next 12 months.

Imricor is a pioneer in developing MRI-compatible products for cardiac catheter ablation procedures, and believes it is the first company in the world to bring commercially viable MRI-compatible products to the cardiac catheter ablation market.


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