• Heramed surged 10pc after signing up a leading private obstetrics 
  • Ecofibre has received two patent grant notifications in the US


Medical data company focusing on maternity care, HeraMED (ASX:HMD), surged as high as 10% this morning after announcing a new contract with a leading private obstetrics and gynaecology group in Perth.

The agreement includes an initial purchase of 120 HeraCARE licences as well as HeraBEAT devices in the first 12 months, to be deployed immediately.

The Joondalup Obstetrics and Gynaecology Group is comprised of senior obstetricians including Dr Mike Kamara, and offers a range of private and public obstetric services across Joondalup Private Hospital, Joondalup Health Campus, and Fiona Stanley Hospital.

HeraMED’s innovative technology solution allows pregnant women to monitor their health remotely, enabling some of the in-person visits to switch to telehealth and RPM-based virtual meetings.

HeraCARE’s real-time data-sharing and smart alert capabilities meanwhile enable OBs to closely monitor their patients, allowing for early identification of potential complications.

Dr Mike Kamara, a renowned obstetrician, said: “Since I first encountered the HeraCARE technology and HeraBEAT device as a senior OB at JHC, I recognised that it had the potential to redefine the future of remote pregnancy monitoring and I am very looking forward to deploying the technology in our private practice.”

Dr Kamara added that the HeraCARE technology can offer remote monitoring of the foetal heart rate as well as several other important indicators.


Ecofibre gets two US patent grant notifications

Ecofibre (ASX:EOF) has received patent grant notifications for two of the five patent applications it filed in October 2022 in the US, and is now awaiting formal grant notification on a third patent application.

Patents granted include the treatment for ovarian cancer and endometriosis. The third patent is for Ecofibre’s proprietary system and method for producing hemp extracts.

Two remaining patent applications filed in October 2022 for the treatment of head and neck cancer and endometrial cancer are meanwhile under review with the US Patents Office.

Ecofibre said it will now focus on partnerships to commercialise treatment and management options for gynaecological diseases.

“Today’s news allows us to move to the next stage of our research program in several key areas for women’s health, and to continue developing new treatment and management options for gynaecological disorders,” said Ecofibre CEO, Eric Wang.


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