Analytica is moving beyond its noble mission to give women a better orgasm and into a more serious condition: prolapsed pelvic organs.

The federal government’s drug regulator — the Therapeutic Goods Administration — has given the go-ahead for Analytica (ASX:ALT) to apply its app-enabled device, which encourages women to do pelvic floor exercises correctly, to the condition.

Pelvic organ prolapse (POP) is common and serious.

It occurs when the bladder, bowels or rectum, drops (prolapses) from its normal place and pushes against the walls of the vagina.

The cause — weakened pelvic muscles that hold your organs in place — is childbirth or surgery.

Analytica says the data suggests as many as half of women who give birth have some degree of POP, and half of women over 50 have symptoms.

“Estimates state women have a lifetime risk of up to 12 per cent of undergoing a surgical intervention, with a re-operation rate of nearly 20 per cent,” it said.

All of which is a horrific life sentence for women, who live with symptoms like incontinence of ‘leaking’, feeling like the organs are falling when they cough or jump, and painful sex.

The dildo-like device, when vaginally inserted, measures movement when women do pelvic floor exercises and then wirelessly sends the data to a mobile phone.

This allows doctors to check that the exercises are being done and done so effectively.

Pericoach is an app-enabled device that encourages women to do their pelvic floor exercises
Pericoach is an app-enabled device that encourages women to do their pelvic floor exercises

“As well as improving incontinence, stronger pelvic floor muscles can also improve sexual sensation and orgasm potential,” the company says.

Analytica is aiming its $300 PeriCoach system at the US market initially, but isn’t marketing the product yet.

It’s looking to do a licensing deal with someone who can market it at the hordes of women who feel incontinence and prolapsed organs are something to be endured, rather than cured.

It is also approved for use in Europe.

The company has $1.1 million in cash and earned $11,000 in the last quarter.

Now they have opened a new market, the new step will be to see if they can get that deal.

Analytica shares were flat on the news at 0.7c.