Greenlip abalone grower Ocean Grown Abalone has been granted a licence to build an extra 5000 artificial abalone reefs in Western Australia.

Ocean Grown (ASX:OGA) farms greenlip abalone in what it calls ‘ranches’, built in Flinders Bay in the Margaret River region in WA. The shellfish is grown on artificial reefs it calls ‘Abitats’.

The Western Australian Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) has granted approval for the company to expand the number of reefs to 15,000.

Ocean Grown says that will allow it to boost maximum capacity to 300 tonnes annually.

The company will also work with DPIRD to “undertake scientific research focused on growth optimisation of greenlip abalone”, though it’s not clear what that will look like.

OGA shares were flat at 13.5c.

Ocean Grown has been contacted for comment.

Ocean Grown Abalone shares (ASX:OGA) over the past year.