Healthy noodle maker Holista Colltech is about to launch a range of low-GI Indian flatbreads like roti and chapati — and they could hit the shelves as early as April.

Holista (ASX:HCT) is adapting its GI Lite proprietary mix of ingredients, which has been used to make low-carbohydrate noodles boasting a glycaemic index (GI) half as high as standard noodles, to make a range of Indian flatbreads.

It is partnering with fellow Malaysian company Kawan Food Berhad to develop the range, including roti, roti canai and chappati, for local Malaysian and international markets.

It says the low-GI roti canai will hit Malaysian shelves in April, with sales to consumers in the United States to commence by June.

It reckons it will add “up to $4 million” to Holista’s financials, but investors were a little skeptical, dropping the shares 5pc.

GI indicates the rate at which foods containing carbohydrates raise human blood sugar levels, with a lower score indicating healthier food.

Holista Colltech (ASX:HCT) shares over the past year.

Holista’s formula comprises a blend of okra, barley, lentils and fenugreek, which it says lowers the GI reading of foods when mixed with white flour.

Dr Rajen Manicka, chief of Holista, said he was excited about the partnership with Kawan Food, a major manufacturer and exporter in Malaysia.

“Our low-GI versions of this popular staple food will help to address the growing problem of obesity and diabetes in Malaysia and abroad,” he said.