This year you became a great trader.

You saw the retail bubble coming and got on to the meme-iest stocks early when you saw the volumes spike. But you also put in a tight stop-loss, a bit higher than ‘double the ATR’ that you usually use.

Then, you saw the overbought RSI, watched the candles for the bearish reversal, and sold into it without emotion.

You bought travel stocks in the middle of the lockdown when they were oversold, but only when the momentum turned positive and when the stochastics showed a higher low even though the chart was showing a lower low. Then you flogged them a week before the reopen.

You didn’t get sucked into the cycle-high dividend yield on Fortescue, when profits are high as costs hadn’t started to spiral, and commodities were flying. But you certainly bought the bounce, waiting for ‘the end is nigh’ type comments, and that sick feeling in your stomach telling you that maybe it was ‘THE end’ this time. But now you’re up 50% from those lows, you once again have a very tight stop to protect all the cream.

All in all, you left your emotion at the door. You used all the high-level trading tools available to you on your live-streaming professional grade trading platform, because paying a few bucks more each month for live-streaming data more than offsets all the missed opportunities. You also thanked the Lord above that it was all on mobile so you weren’t chained to the desk all day, and knew you could do everything at the park, or the coffee shop, or even just hanging in the backyard.

You questioned over-confident analysis from major shareholders and insto research where they received a fee for corporate advice. You questioned any company with a huge promotional spend and lots of hype. You questioned any unreasoned opinion on chat rooms, and used the human emotions displayed on there as a reverse indicator.

Maybe now it’s time to throw a few bucks into a charity, as nothing helps more than positive karma. And maybe it’s time to ease back on the trading, as it’s a seasonally strong time of year but there’s lots to worry about. Volumes are light, and you know the market can move hard in the opposite direction when all the hedge fund boys get back from holidays.

It’s also your holiday time, so perhaps you should be spending a bit more time with the kids, or other non-kid loved ones, splashing around a bit of that cash you made. Or finish that <thing> that you promised yourself you would finish in the break.

There’s always another trade. Don’t force it.

I sure hope we helped you too. We helped maximise your returns with our $5 minimum brokerage, on HIN, because you remember the GFC and all those failed pooled trusts. We got you all those high-level technical indicators to make sure you had all the same tools as the pros, and live-streaming so you aren’t ever trading with old data.

This year we also got you the dark screen mode, so you looked like a pro when someone looked over your shoulder. We stuck some more info on there, and put your alerts on the chart so you could easily monitor your stocks even when you weren’t looking.

We got you the stop-loss trades, so you could ‘set-and-forget’ your trading strategy and get on with your day.

We added ‘tags’, so you could sort the market the way you wanted to.

We got you some access to IPOs and some unconflicted research and advice from one of the best in the business, in case you were second guessing your own research and wanted another opinion.

We even stuck those little intra-day charts in there so you could have a quick scan of all the day’s moves, without having to look through every chart timeframe. And some more historical data on the chart crosshairs so you could see what happened before, much more easily.

But, we’re always in beta.

So 2022 will be bigger and better – as we’re just purely trying to help you make money!

We’ll soon have a market summary page, with sectoral analysis and overnight market data.

We’ll soon add multi-screen and multi-chart functions.

We’ll add more market scans, so you can find all the companies that fit your specific criteria.

We’ll give you the option of merging in all the Chi-X data with the ASX data, so you can see all the volume.

We’ll get centrepoint trading, so you can buy or sell only into the dark pool between the bid and the ask like a pro.

We won’t rest until you have all the tools that a pro has at their disposal, as we’re sick of them taking your money off you. We’re leveling the playing field and making the game fairer.

If you haven’t had a look already, maybe it’s time you stopped getting played and became a player.

If not, I’d still like to give you a big thankyou, from all of our clients, for being on the other side of the trade. We always need a buyer when we’re selling, and a seller when we’re buying. Let’s just hope you got some more cash for Xmas!

At Marketech our platform is about technology, providing you the tools and technology to trade. We encourage our high-function trading platform to get you live pricing, live charts, live market depth to ensure you have the tools and trading capability at your fingertips, and on your mobile phone or PC.

You trade your own stock on your individual HIN. It is your cash in your own Macquarie account where you keep the competitive interest you earn.

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