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Today we hear from the team behind Shaw and Partners’ James Gerrish at the very different online advice platform Market Matters.

Alongside co-founder former Macquarie and Goldman Sachs macro-analyst Shawn Hickman, Gerrish is the lead author of MM’s daily investment reports – sent to MM members morning and evening, with live alerts across the trading day, whenever they amend portfolios. 

The aim? To provide concise, actionable, and consistently melodical market insights in 4/4-time.

This weekend the MM team was asked from a very left field which of the following emerging ASX stocks they’d back in order of preference bearing in mind MM hold all three in their Emerging Companies Portfolio:

A little background:

The newest Market Matters Portfolio that searches for small & mid capitalisation emerging stocks (ex-100) that show strong underlying growth characteristics. This is a higher risk portfolio and investors should expect greater volatility in returns.


market matters asx stocks
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James says the objective of the Market Matters Emerging Companies Portfolio is to provide an active exposure to Australian emerging companies defined as all listed stocks outside the S&P/ASX 100.

“Returns will primarily be achieved through capital appreciation rather than income with an overall objective of outperformance of the S&P/ASX Small Ordinaries Index over five years.”

1. ReadyTech (RDY) $2.89

“RDY is a software based educator. RDY has now fallen over 30% from its spike high in November following a $514mn takeover bid by Pacific Partners at $4.50.

market matters asx stocks
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“The stock has been under pressure following its 1H23 result but we believe it can deliver on its longer-term targets making the current weakness a great value opportunity.”


2. SRG Global (SRG) 73c

SRG is a local construction services company.

“SRG’s FY22 results and FY23 outlook provide strong evidence that SRG is delivering on its strategy and is a lower risk investment when compared to many construction and mining service peers given the recurring nature of a large portion of its revenue.”

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“We believe the stock’s cheap, trading on an Est 10.9x valuation for FY23 while the stock pays an attractive steady 5.5% yield,” James said.


3. Silex Systems (SLX) $3.81

“A slightly different take on the uranium story.”

“Silex is developing a laser-enriched uranium technology in conjunction with sector giant Cameco. The demonstration plant in Kentucky is expected to be up and running in around 12 months’ time.

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“The company is well funded following a capital raise earlier in the year while the US Government is also likely to support any capital requirements as part of the Inflation Reduction Act – note the supply of High Assay Low Enriched Uranium (HALEU), which the next generation of nuclear reactors require, is heavily reliant on Russia which throws a curve ball into the equation at least short-term.”


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