Decarbonisation is looming large as the Next Big Thing for investors, and the upcoming South-West Connect ASX Showcase is set to be the place to find investment options.

 Investors are currently sitting on large amounts of cash, waiting for a positive sign to wade back into the market, says Canaccord Genuity Executive Director – Wealth Management, Chris Webster.

This is a major investment theme set to play out over the next 6-12 months, he says.

“There is plenty of cash in the system still – people are just trying to work out when to deploy that cash back into the share market.

“The US market has come off 25% now and it is still bearish out there, but in Australia we feel like client portfolios are well positioned and sitting on healthy cash balances.

“If they aren’t investing at the moment, it’s not because they can’t invest – it’s because they are waiting for those positive signs to wade in and put some risk back on the table.”

Webster says that future investment opportunities will emerge as part of the global decarbonisation megacycle.

“We have always had these thematics that have washed through the market and attracted capital, but we believe this one is a longer cycle that will be here for a while,” he says.

“The world will need our lithium, nickel, rare earths, and cobalt, especially as the world looks to diversify supply out of China.

“So, the decarbonisation thematic is a big one and we are certainly going to deploy a lot of resources to ensure we remain at the forefront of that thematic.”


Showcase expands to meet demand

Webster is speaking to Stockhead ahead of the Canaccord-sponsored South-West Connect ASX Showcase, organised by Vertical Events.

Now in its second year, the investor conference located in beautiful Busselton, Western Australia, has already expanded to run over two and a half days between 19-21 October.

It is a relaxed way for investors to chat with ASX company executives, learn more about a range of thematics, and open potential new investment opportunities.

“The companies really like those opportunities to get in front of retail investors particularly, and so Vertical Events had good uptake from companies wanting to present,” Webster says.

“Last year it was two full days; this year there is an extra half day.

“We have increased the number of companies by about 10. The Canaccord Cocktail Party will also be at a different venue this year to allow a few more people to come.”


What can investors get out of a conference like this?

Webster says the crowd is a mix of investor relations, stockbrokers, family offices, self-funded retirees, and then the companies themselves, which creates strong networking opportunities.

“You can hear from 50 companies from a diverse number of sectors in nice 15-minute chunks, and then get the opportunity to liaise with them afterwards and chat further over the course of the day,” Webster says.

“You get a lot of ideas about the individual companies and the investment opportunities themselves, but the other powerful thing is that you start to see thematics emerge.

“When you listen to five companies operating in the same sector, telling very similar stories on what they are seeing in their businesses you start to get a really good sense of what is happening.”


What: South-West Connect ASX Showcase

When: 19, 20, 21 October 2022

Where: Abbey Beach Resort – Broadwater Busselton, WA

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