Peak Asset Management, with the support of Stockhead, is giving you the chance to go 1-on-1 with some of the leading ASX small caps CEOs and property gurus from a range of market sectors in Melbourne, on 13 July, 2023.

The hectic landscape of Small Caps investing is fraught with all manner of dangers – half-hidden pitfalls to trap the unwary into zigging instead of zagging and threatening their opportunity to achieve a common goal: To make money.

It’s why you’re here reading this on Stockhead, it’s the reason I begrudgingly get out of bed each morning for the brutal six-metre commute to my WFH office space, and it’s the reason that a number of small- and microcap companies spend crazy amounts of time working on things like investor relations.

But one of the joys of focusing on the smaller dollar-value companies is that the opportunity to meet, up close and in-person, the hearts and minds that are driving these market minnows is a lot easier to grasp than a lunch with Twiggy or Gina, or even the briefest of moments with the likes of Elon Musk.

It’s no secret that I’m still relatively new to this ASX caper – and the tragically steady decline in my own meagre portfolio’s balance is testament to how alarmingly easy it is to back the wrong horse from a potential field of thousands.

“Do your homework, mate.”

“Read up as much as you can on a company before you stick your money in, champ.”

“Why is the rent late again, Mr Stronach?”

These are all statements I’ve heard repeatedly over the past 12 months – all three of them stemming directly from my chronic state of unpreparedness when taking my “play money” for the month in the hopes of turning a lazy $100 into an upgrade for my ancient and battered guitar.


But I read as much as my brain can handle… surely that’s enough prep?

Picking stocks is (surprisingly) a lot like Tinder, that godforsaken app full of pretty pictures, slightly suspect half-truths and devastatingly empty promises.

It’s an app that lets you take an uneducated punt on a potential partner, which (in my own experience, anyway) has an ROI in the low single-digit percentage range.

Because when you agree to meet up with someone from Tinder, you’re running full-tilt into a game with very real consequences, armed with a fraction of the info you need in order to ensure that you’re not about to sit down for a feed with someone who’s actually going to die, surrounded by cats, for a very good reason.

The far safer option is to head off to a much safer, public space – to meet likeminded people, and see if there’s a potential “new friend” among them – because there’s no better way to determine that than by actually spending time and talking.


An excellent point… but how do I get to know a company?

The answer to that is pretty simple, thanks to Peak Asset Management – the company hosting the upcoming Microcaps Conference in Melbourne on 13 July, 2023.

The goal is to get you in the same room with the people who are actually boots-on-the-ground involved in building and advancing the ASX engine room – the vast number of small- and micro-cappers that outnumber (if not outweigh) the $1 billion-plus behemoths.

That includes CEOs, COOs, CFOs, UFOs and the occasional well-meaning sales rep from a wide variety of companies from across the ASX microcap spectrum, all carefully chosen because they’re as keen to meet you as you should be to meet them, to talk about what makes their company tick.

And, vitally, get an in-person understanding of the people behind the business, and deliver  the kind of knowledge and insight that you’re not going to get sitting at home, on your own, on a Friday night.


Sounds great – but who else is going to be there?

The day’s program is packed with presentations from some of the brightest lights in Aussie microcaps, including (but not limited to):


Terra Uranium (ASX:T92) CEO, Andrew Vigar

Dimerix (ASX:DXB) CEO & MD, Dr Nina Webster

Bass Oil (ASX:BAS) MD, Tino Guglielmo

Carly Holdings (ASX:CL8) CEO and director, Chris Noone

Patagonia Lithium (ASX:PL3) chief executive, Phil Thomas

Avenira (ASX:AEV) executive chairman, Brett Clark


Plus, there will be panel discussions featuring fund managers, and property experts.

If that’s not enough, the day’s keynote speakers include Jonny Wilkinson (Equitise), Rachel Waterhouse (ASA), David Stevens (BWP) and Peak Asset’s very own Niv Dagan.

The cherry on top? I’ll be there, too, rubbing shoulders with investors and CEOs throughout the day, including the canapes and drinks event, once the business of the day wraps up.

Stockhead is proud to be associated with the event, alongside gold sponsors Automic Group and SelfWealth, and a host of other highly regarded companies and organisations, including ESG tech leader SocialSuite and the Australian Shareholder’s Association.

For more information, head along to the Peak Asset Management Microcap Conference website, to register and secure your spot on the guest list right now.


Date: Thursday, 13 July 2023
Venue: Olderfleet building, at Foyer of 477 Collins St, Melbourne, Victoria.
Start time: 8:30am sharp for 9am kickoff!
Register here: