Here’s our fortnightly list of ASX small caps with big parcels of shares coming out of ‘escrow’.

Escrow refers to shares that are held by early investors or directors restricted from selling for a year or two. The release of escrowed shares can have a big impact on a stock price.

And with Christmas just around the corner, the patron saint of escrowed shares, Santa, has nearly 1.3 billion shares being released over the rest of this month from more than two dozen companies.

Tech company Dropsuite (ASX:DSE) leads the way with the bulk of those. It has some 253 million shares coming out of escrow on December 29, or about 53 per cent of the company’s issued total.

Several other companies have huge parcels of shares being released in time for Christmas, too. Gold miner Horizon Gold (ASX:HRN) has 39m, or 51pc, out on December 21, while marketing company engage:BDR (ASX:EN1) has 147 million being released on December 14.

One-time tech darling GetSwift (ASX:GSW) has about 47 per cent of its issued shares coming out of escrow, with 88 million to be released on December 19.

You might not recognise the name Stemify (ASX:SF1). It was once Robo 3D (ASX:RBO), which got shareholder approval to change its name at its annual general meeting. And the first bit of news out of Stemify is the release of 92 million shares from escrow from December 14-16.

Bounty Mining (ASX:B2Y) is releasing 46 million shares from escrow on December 17, about 12 per cent of its total. It has been extremely active of late, with six announcements about shares being released in the past five weeks.

Reedy Lagoon (ASX:RLC) has 20 million shares being released on December 15. They were originally issued a year ago as part of Reedy Lagoon’s acquisition of three lithium brine projects in Nevada.

Over at Technology Metals Australia (ASX:TMT), 23 million shares are being released on December 21. The major holding shareholders have advised they “remain supportive” of the company and its flagship Gabanintha vanadium project.

Educator 3P Learning (ASX:3PL) and telco Vonex (ASX:VN8) both have a tiny 0.07 per cent of their shares coming out of escrow on December 14 and 24 respectively.

Here’s a list of ASX stocks that have signalled escrow releases before the end of this month:

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Asx codeCompanyDate releasedEscrowed shares% of all shares
RLCReedy Lagoon15-Dec20,000,0005%
EXPExperience Co15-Dec6,756,7571%
TMTTechnology Metals Australia21-Dec22,510,00032%
FAUFirst AU15-Dec14,425,4176%
B2YBounty Mining17-Dec45,906,31712%
D13Department 1318-Dec200,000,00037%
MFDMayfield Childcare18-Dec6,005,00019%
DSXDecimal Software20-Dec28,900,0009%
IGEIntegrated Green Energy Solutions21-Dec6,765,2862%
14D1414 Degrees21-Dec3,619,8762%
3PL3P Learning24-Dec100,0000.07%
EMHEuropean Metals14-Dec3,150,0002%
NICNickel Mines22-Dec34,700,6902%
CT1CCP Technologies28-Dec962,2430.2%
HRNHorizon Gold21-Dec39,030,61251%