Here’s our fortnightly list of ASX small caps with big parcels of shares coming out of ‘escrow’.

Escrow refers to shares that are held by early investors or directors restricted from selling for a year or two. The release of escrowed shares can have a big impact on a stock price.

There’s a bakers dozen of small cap companies releasing shares from escrow before the end of November — and nearly 678 million shares are ready to hit the ASX.

As Stockhead reported last week, 224 million Zelda Therapeutics (ASX:ZLD) shares are ready for release on November 22, making up about 29 per cent of the company’s issued total.

But the medicinal cannabis developer reassured shareholders, saying directors and founders Harry Karelis, Dr Stewart Washer, Mara Gordon and Jason Peterson would not sell any shares they own or control for the next year — unless it helped on-board a significant investor.

“The commitment has been entered into by the founders to clearly demonstrate their true belief in the company’s future and business plan,” the ASX release stated.

Mr Karelis said a voluntary extension of the escrow period demonstrated the founders were in it for the long haul.

Flamingo AI (ASX:FGO) also has a huge whack of shares coming out of escrow, with 212 million to be released on November 27, about 19 per cent of the company’s total.

Flamingo says the majority of shares are held by the company’s founders, but fear not, as CEO and founder Dr Catriona Wallace will keep her 148m shares which are due to be released from escrow.

Dotz Nano (ASX:DTZ) has the highest proportion of shares coming out of escrow, with 33pc of its total, or nearly 61m shares, being released on November 15.

It says they were originally issued to “related parties, seed capitalists, vendors and promoters” as part of the company’s pre-IPO funding round.

Both K2Fly (ASX:K2F) and Great Boulder Resources (ASX:GBR) have about a quarter of their shares coming out of escrow.

And after releasing more than half of its total issued shares from escrow earlier this month, Apollo Tourism & Leisure (ASX:ATL) is now releasing a further 0.4pc, or a tick over 680k.

Here’s a list of ASX stocks that have signalled escrow releases before the end of this month:

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Asx code Company Date released Escrowed shares % of all shares
DTZ Dotz Nano 15-Nov 60,949,872 33%
FGO Flamingo AI 17-Nov 211,608,645 19%
FCT Firstwave Cloud Technology 20-Nov 33,685,016 15%
K2F K2Fly 18-Nov 16,345,644 25%
SLC Superloop 20-Nov 1,680,672 1%
ZLD Zelda Therapeutics 22-Nov 224,374,844 29%
AR9 Archtis 16-Nov 13,686,728 11%
BC8 Black Cat Syndicate 24-Nov 2,000,000 3%
IHL Impression Healthcare 22-Nov 42,152,472 11%
ATL Apollo Tourism & Leisure 26-Nov 680,082 0.4%
GBR Great Boulder Resources 19-Nov 20,284,643 25%
JCI JC International 28-Nov 2,500,000 4%
MGV Musgrave Minerals 28-Nov 48,000,000 15%
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