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In this episode, Justin interviews Prabha Nandagopal, the founder of Elevate Consulting Partners.

Everyone has the right to feel safe and respected at work. Figures show that a staggering 1 in 3 people have been sexually harassed in their workplace. Since the “positive duty” legislation took effect in December 2023, many businesses have sought guidance on complying with these sweeping changes.

With the Australian Human Rights Commission now actively monitoring and enforcing adherence to the new laws, organisations nationwide are looking for assistance to ensure they meet their legal obligations and foster safe, respectful workplaces. Prabha Nandagopal was the senior legal advisor on the Respect@Work report, a key architect of the new positive duty compliance framework and founder of Elevate Consulting Partners.

Prabha and the Elevate Consulting team bring vast experience in combating sex-based discrimination and harassment, as well as respect at work and pay equality.

Prabha established the compliance and enforcement team at the Australian Human Rights Commission, giving her a unique understanding of effective measures businesses and organisations can take to meet their obligations.


This podcast was developed in collaboration with Elevate Consulting Partners, a Stockhead advertiser at the time of publishing.


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