Stock analysis veteran and lover of the oil and gas game, Peter Strachan, is putting aside the Bloomberg terminal and picking up the microphone for a second instalment of The Wildcatter Podcast.

In this latest episode Peter interviews Helios Energy (ASX:HE8) co founder, John Kenny.

Helios has grown out of the shell of New Horizon Coal to become an Eagle Ford Shale oil and gas developer with a market capitalisation of around $600m.

In the space of just under three years, the company has built a portfolio of properties at ground-floor pricing, demonstrating oil and gas production from previously overlooked and remote permits.

Having demonstrated ‘proof of concept’ by successfully drilling wells to test petroleum delivery parameters, the company is on the verge of adding shareholder value by either developing its assets or selling to capture value already added.

Tune in to hear the pair discuss black gold in the Texas Badlands, the far west of the Wild West and the beauty of a backdoor listing.

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