Stock Insiders is a new podcast series focussed on investing hosted by renowned business journalist Oriel Morrison. The program is sponsored by Barclay Pearce Capital, Australia’s leading corporate advisory and equities trading firm. 

In this episode, Oriel chats to Morgan McGuire, Analyst and Trader at Barclay Pearce Capital.  

The focus on green energy and renewables is a hot topic amidst the current geopolitical climate. The global interest in the development of a sustainable green economy has placed pressure on companies to pivot operations. 

“The pressure for companies to move to decarbonisation is growing daily and companies have really begun to shift in the correction, with massive changes to their business direction and policy framework” says Morgan.

To hear more about Morgan’s trading experience, opportunities in green energy investments, hydrogen energy projects in Australia, uranium development, commodities sector opportunities and more, click below