Sprintex’s G15 self-contained industrial blower is living up to the hype after SAE standard testing verified it outperforms conventional style blowers when it comes to energy saving.

Thanks to Sprintex’s (ASX:SIX) new technology, Smart Pulse Aeration (SPA), the company was able to improve the aeration process made possible by an advance in variable speed control capability over conventional industrial blowers.

In constant speed operation, the G15 Turbo Blower showcases an impressive 27% energy saving, while incorporating the Sprintex SPA technology yields an even more remarkable 40% energy saving when compared to traditional systems.

The overall durability of the G15 Turbo Blower is expected to exceed four times the lifespan of conventional side channel blowers and has the additional benefits of being 50% lighter, 30% smaller and 10dB quieter than conventional units in the same application.

But wait, there’s more

Other benefits of the Sprintex G15 Turbo Blower include integral control system with touch screen interface, automatic surge control, built-in safety alarms and shutdown to eliminate costly system problems, reduce down-time and save operational maintenance and repair costs.

SIX says the G series units extend to various general industrial applications, ensuring compatibility across diverse sectors, and are equipped with a user-friendly interface, self-contained PLC controls, and standard variable speed and safety systems, simplifying operation and enhancing safety measures.

On the conference move with ‘disruptive technology’

The company now plans to present its expanded e-compressor range at the World Hydrogen Technology conferences in USA and Europe in June and September, as well as the SEMA Automotive Convention in USA and WETEX sustainability conference in Dubai UAE later this year.

SIX managing director Jay Upton says research out of China-based firm, CICC, shows that the China market for industrial blowers was valued at RMB6.8bn ($1.42bn) and is expected to grow to RMB16.6bn ($3.48bn) by 2027.

“The USA market is expected to grow from $5.3bn to $6.5bn by 2030 underscoring the immense size and significance of this industry sector,” he explains.

“We consider our innovative G Series units a disruptive technology, particularly in the wastewater treatment industry.”



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