Pure Hydrogen enhances its portfolio with the signing of a binding term sheet with French company Plenesys to collaborate on the manufacture of turquoise hydrogen and commercialise the HyPlasma process.

After extensive investigations into Methane Pyrolysis (Turquoise Hydrogen) production over the last two years, PH2 now plans to use Plenesys’ patented A/C Plasma Torch to convert methane into hydrogen and other clean-energy value added products such as graphene.

A demonstration plant is planned for commissioning within the next 12 months, which will be followed by full commercial scale modules in exclusive markets such as Australia, Asia, and Sub Saharan Africa.

At commercial scale, the plant will have the capacity to produce between 1,500kg up to 5,000kg per day of hydrogen, and 4,500kg up to 15,000kg per day of carbon products.


Global-scale potential

“Turquoise Hydrogen is a cleaner use of natural gas (methane), and Graphene has many emerging applications in electronics and high- strength, light-weight materials, which is particularly important in the production of batteries, electronic equipment, fabrication and building materials,” PH2 managing director Scott Brown said.

“Our initial program is focussed on demonstrating and refining the process, before commencing commercial scale operations.

“There is no doubt there’s significant upside for the technology globally.”

Under the agreement, Pure Hydrogen will have exclusive rights to commercialise the HyPlasma process in Australia, as well as in other key Southeast Asian countries and southern Africa for an initial 10-year period, with options to extend the length of exclusivity and add new regions.

The HyPlasma process is a form of methane pyrolysis, which is the thermal decomposition of methane molecules in an oxygen-free reaction chamber.

Its key component is Plenesys’ unique patented A/C Plasma torch system which allows continuous, automated operation and consumes five times less electricity than an equivalent capacity green hydrogen electrolysis process, producing no CO or CO2 emissions.

Commercial modules will enable fast deployment at locations with or near gas distribution networks or bio-methane sources and installed near consumers to avoid hydrogen transport.


The Plenesys A/C Plasma Torch
The Plenesys A/C Plasma Torch. Image: Supplied

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