• Turquoise Group’s commercial demonstration plant successfully produces hydrogen and graphene powder
  • Both products produced without carbon dioxide emissions
  • Further testing to expand and optimise production


Special Report: Pure Hydrogen has progressed another facet of its hydrogen strategy, with its investee company Turquoise Group successfully producing hydrogen and graphene powder, from its commercial demonstration plant in Queensland.

The successful test of the plant in Brisbane is a key step ahead in the company’s goal of producing both hydrogen and solid carbon through the controlled decomposition of methane without generating carbon dioxide emissions – a process known as turquoise hydrogen.

It differs from green hydrogen, which uses electrolysers powered by renewable energy to convert water into hydrogen and oxygen.

Pure Hydrogen (ASX:PH2) holds a 40% interest in Turquoise Group, which recently completed the construction of its commercial demonstration plant.

This interest, which is non-dilutive for a 3.5-year period, also grants the company exclusive rights to acquire hydrogen produced by Turquoise Group within Australia for a 20-year period at attractive market prices.


Progressing the clean energy transition

The preliminary production of hydrogen and solid carbon, confirms the plant’s ability to produce graphene powder, a key development milestone for the Turquoise Group process.

It also demonstrates its potential as a sustainable technology capable of producing bulk-quantities – up to 100’s of kilograms per day from one unit – of high-quality graphene powder while producing low-cost, zero-emission hydrogen.

Expected revenue from graphene sales are expected to ensure that the commercial threshold for the system is easily reached.

Graphene could find use in batteries, electrical equipment, as a potential future evolution for silicon chips and as an enhancing additive in existing manufacturing processes.

Graphene-enhanced materials and composites have been found to be light, strong, and have ‘smart’ properties linked to the material’s impressive electrical and temperature conductivity.


Images: The plasma torch used in Turquoise Group’s process (L), and graphene powder generated through the trial demonstration (R). Image: Supplied.



Further testing will now be carried out to expand production output and optimise the consistency of hydrogen and graphene powder production.

“This is a significant and encouraging result, which marks an important step forward for the development of this unique technology that has the capacity to revolutionise the energy market,” PH2 managing director Scott Brown said.

“While still at an early stage in the process, we are encouraged by these initial results which show the technology has the capacity to convert methane gas to hydrogen and graphene powder, with significant addressable-market applications.”

“The results are a step closer in the commercialisation of this promising technology which will enhance Turquoise Group’s prospects and importantly for Pure, provide a fantastic low cost and plentiful hydrogen supply option while being emissions free.”

Turquoise Group chief executive officer Samuel Taubert added that the company will now move to the next testing phase of the development, led by the conversion and manufacture of graphene powder at scale through this process.



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