Infinite Blue Energy is changing its name to Infinite Green Energy to better reflect its position as a first mover in the production of green hydrogen in Australia.

The company is currently developing the MEG HP1 project in Northam that expects to deliver first gas in 2024 and the significantly larger Arrowsmith hydrogen plant that seeks to produce an initial 23 tonnes of green hydrogen per day from 2025.

“We founded Infinite Blue Energy before hydrogen had ‘colours’, but from the very beginning we have been committed to producing only renewable green hydrogen,” chief executive officer Stephen Gauld explained.

“We look forward to Infinite Green Hydrogen bringing clean, green hydrogen to customers in Australia and around the world.”

The colours that Gauld refers to are the descriptors for how hydrogen is produced.

Green hydrogen refers to the use of renewable energy like solar and wind to power electrolysers that in turn break down water into hydrogen and oxygen without any carbon emissions.

This contrasts with the various flavours of blue hydrogen which produces the gas by cracking fossil fuels, a process that requires the use of questionable carbon capture and storage to lock away the resulting greenhouse gases.

Green hydrogen projects

First project off the cab for the newly renamed Infinite Green Energy is the MEG HP1 project in Northam, Western Australia, that produces up to 4t of hydrogen per day to support WA-based waste management companies for use in back-to-base refuse collection vehicles and in fleet vehicles local to MEG H1.

This will use the recently acquired 11 megawatt Northam Solar Farm to power a 10MW hydrogen electrolyser and battery storage.

However, the real prize is the company’s flagship Arrowsmith green hydrogen project that will produce up to 23t/d of green hydrogen under its first stage.

This is the equivalent of taking more than 71,000 cars off the road and will be achieved by using solar (65MW) and wind (132MW) to power its electrolysers with a 20MW battery for stabilising the plant

There is also room for the project to expand to 265t production capacity as the market develops and export opportunities are pursued.

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