Here’s our weekly look at which ASX small cap directors are buying or selling their own stock (week of Sep 17):

There were about 21 notable director trades among ASX small cap stocks last week — of those seven were on market.

On-market trades are important for stockmarket investors to watch because that’s when company directors are playing with their own cash to buy into (or sell out of) their businesses.

>>Scroll down for a table of last week’s major ASX small cap director trades.

Last week’s biggest on-market trade was in fact two deals by Adam Gray — chairman of traffic enforcer Redflex (ASX:RDF).

Mr Gray spent $995,000 on stock in the traffic company last week, taking him to about 27 per cent of the business. It’s the third time he’s bought in this month.

Investors with long memories might remember that Redflex was once under investigation by the city of Chicago and the US Department of Justice. It settled two suits last year.

Revenue dipped 13 per cent last year to $105 million but losses also narrowed to $12 million.

The other big on-market trade was a sale by John Begg, boss of popular oil explorer Pancontinental Oil & Gas (ASX:PCL).

Mr Begg had just exercised 66 million options and disposed of 61 million, making a tidy $278,640.

It’s a good time to be selling: Pancon is pregnant with opportunity as drilling partner Tullow embarks on an initial exploration campaign in the Namibian sea.

Elsewhere David Williams has spent $60,000 on more Medical Developments (ASX:MDV) shares.

Investment banker Mr Williams is the chair of Medical Dev and the boss at Kidder Williams.

At Mainstream Group (ASX:MAI) the three largest shareholders — chief Martin Smith, chair Byram Johnston and director John Plummer — collectively sold 5 million shares to strategic investors.

They’ve promised not to sell any more until February next year.

So far the only director trade note to pop up is for Mr Plummer. He sold 1 million shares and got $700,000 for the trouble.

And at crypto investor DigitalX (ASX:DCC) Peter Rubenstein — one of the investors who helped take the company from ignominy to blockchain star last year — has been paid out his $170,000 worth of convertible notes in shares.

Mr Rubenstein joined the board alongside Blockchain Global founder Sam Lee, after the latter sank $4.35 million into DigitalX.

Before that DigitalX was chronically short of cash: it was consistently spending more than it had and barely making any money.

Today the company has professionalised into an Initial Coin Offering advisor (like an IPO except for cryptocurrencies) and crypto investor.

It had $5.4 million in the bank at the end of June and planned to spend just under a million in the September quarter. Half of that, however, was on admin.

Here’s a table showing recent ASX small cap directors trades:

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ASX code Company Director Change Date Volume $ Where Total holdings controlled
SES Secos Group Richard Tegoni Buy Sept 13 1,594,131 100430 Convertible note conversion 9.1m
CYC Cyclopharm Vanda Gould Buy Sept 10-11 300,000 270000 On market 12.2m
RDF Redflex Adam Gray Buy Sept 10-13 1,007,492 503200 On market 39.2m
NEA NearMap Robert Newman Buy Sept 13 666,666 706665 Exercise options 8.6m
CVV Caravel Minerals Alasdair Cooke Buy Sept 13 3,546,997 177350 Rights issue 14.2m
DCC DigitalX Peter Rubenstein Buy Sept 18 6,296,296 169999 Convertible note conversion 23.5m
IDX Integral Diagnostics Chien Ho Sell Sept 12-13 61,764 167414 On market 2.3m
MAI Mainstream Group Holdings John Plummer Sell Sept 12 1,000,000 $700,000 Placement 11.4m
PCL Pancontinental Oil & Gas John Begg Buy Sept 18 61,000,000 264000 Exercise options 253.2m
PCL Pancontinental Oil & Gas John Begg Sell Sept 18 61,000,000 542640 On market 187.7m
AL8 Alderan Resources Christopher Wanless Buy Sept 11 745,000 $149,000 Exercise options 11.2m
VRX Ventnor Resources Peter Pawlowitsch Buy Sept 19 2,000,000 120000 Capital raising 21.5m
ADJ Adslot Andrew Barlow Buy Sept 20 7,500,000 187500 Share placement 43.2m
ADJ Adslot Andrew Dyer Buy Sept 20 7,000,000 175000 Share placement 28.7m
NVA Nova Minerals Avrohom Kimelman Buy Sept 20 6,000,000 $210,000 Placement 39.1m
NVA Nova Minerals Louie Simens Buy Sept 20 6,000,000 $210,000 Placement 34.9m
RDF Redflex Adam Gray Buy Sept 18-19 984,414 491957 On market 40.2m
SVH Silver Heritage Group James Spenceley Buy Sept 20 7,260,000 $145,200 Rights issue 29m
SLK Sealink Travel Terry Dodd Sell Sept 13-19 56,288 242038 On market 4.8m
VAN Vango Mining Sean Zhou Buy Sept 19 7,540,873 380782 In lieu of cash payment for debt 24.3m
VAN Vango Mining Carol Zhang Buy Sept 19 35,873,368 2081183 In lieu of cash payment for debt 86.4m
MNS Magnis Resources Marc Vogt Buy Sept 21 300,000 100050 On market 1.5m
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