Last week the ASX shed about a tenth of its value, and it led to the most large directors trades so far this year: 18.

Maybe they were back from holidays a month later than the rest of us, or they thought they could nab a long-term bargain.

Code Company Director Change Date Volume $ What
EHL Emeco Holdings Ian Testrow Sell 19 February 1,500,000 $3,450,000 On market
BOE Boss Resources Peter O'Connor Buy 24 February 2,000,000 $114,359 On market
NEA Nearmap Susan Klose Buy 24 February 100,000 $184,703 On market
SIQ Smartgroup Corporation Michael Carapiet Buy 25 February 100,000 $694,272 On market
OBM Ora Banda Mining Peter Mansell Buy 21 February 1,170,555 $198,994.35 On market
PGH Pact Group Holdings Margaret Cattermole Buy 20 February 40,980 $100,001 On market
CGL Citadel Group Mark Mcconnell Buy 20 February 27,900 $125,429 On market
MAI Mainstream Group Holdings Bryan Johnston Sell 25 February 500,000 $285,000 On market
ZNO Zoono Group Paul Hyslop Sell 25 February 16,800,000 $23,228,067 On market & Cross trade
MNF MNF Group Rene Sugo Buy 26 February 100,000 $420,000 On market
PTB PTB Group Craig Baker Buy 25 February 434,783 $300,000 Rights Issue
PTB PTB Group Andrew Kemp Buy 25 February 626,683 $432,411 Rights Issue
PTB PTB Group Prince Gunasekara Buy 25 February 1,157,080 $798,385 Rights Issue
AV1 Adveritas Matthew Ratty Buy 26 February 1,470,589 $250,000 Placement
AV1 Adveritas Mark Mcconnell Buy 26 February 1,470,589 $250,000 Placement
5GN 5G Networks Joseph Demase Sell 24 February 2,000,000 $2,000,000 Off market
FAR FAR Nicholas Limb Buy 24 February 10,000,000 $310,000 On market
STX Strike Energy Neville Power Buy 27 February 2,000,000 $320,000 On market
BFG Bell Financial Group Alistair Provan Buy 28 February 100,000 $113,000 On market
KPG Kelly Partners Group Brett Kelly Buy 27 February 123,622 $112,759 On market
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The biggest buy came from Prince Gunasekara of PTB Group (ASX:PTB) who bought $800,000 in the company’s right’s issue. Also buying was Craig Baker and Andrew Kemp, who bought $300,000 and $432,411 respectively.

PTB Group is based in Brisbane and services turbine engines and components for aeroplanes. It claims to have one of the largest parts inventories in the Southern Hemisphere.

If you thought last week’s dip was bad, you clearly weren’t paying attention to the slide uranium has endured since 2007. Once fetching over $US140 ($215) per pound, the radioactive material now sells for a little over $US20 per pound.

Aspiring uranium miner Boss Resources (ASX:BOE) is one company waiting on prices to recover. The company reckons it has one of the world’s most advanced uranium developments that can be fast-tracked to restart production within 12 months.

Last week one of its directors, Peter O’Connor, bought $114,359 worth of shares only a month after Boss released its latest feasibility study.

Digital ad fraud fighter Advertisas (ASX:AV1) saw two directors, CEO Matthew Ratty and Mark McConnell, buying $250,000 each in a capital raising

Among energy directors, FAR’s (ASX:FAR) Nicholas Limb bought $310,000 and Strike Energy’s (ASX:STX) Neville Power bought $320,000.

The latter was one of 2019’s best performing gas plays with a significant discovery at West Erregulla. But an absence of news this year and market sentiment has seen it retreat.

One of the few beneficiaries in 2020 has been gold. This week only one director of a gold play picked up shares. Ora Banda Mining (ASX:OBM) chairman Peter Mansell shelled out $198,994.

The Western Australian miner is aiming to get back into production this year.



Four directors made big sales this week.

Easily the most notable was Zoono (ASX:ZNO) boss Paul Hyslop, who sold $23,228,067 worth of shares in a block trade to Regal Funds Management.

Shareholders were told funds would be used to retire loans he made to the company over the years and he still owned 41 per cent of the firm.

This company has been the biggest ASX winner from the coronavirus, surging from 8c five months ago to nearly $2 on strong demand for its products.

For weeks one could argue people were just panic buying but on Friday it showed clinical trial results demonstrating its technology could fight the virus.

Two other directors sold over a million shares. Emeco Holdings’ (ASX:EHL) Ian Testrow sold $3.4m worth to pay a tax bill resulting from the vesting of recent performance rights.

Meanwhile, 5G Networks’ (ASX:5GN) Joseph Demase sold $2m. But Demase was left with only $500,000 less than a week ago because he exercised $1.5m worth of performance rights.

Finally, Mainstream Group (ASX:MAI) Bryan Johnston sold $285,000. According to the ASX notice he sold to an unnamed strategic investor.