Ordinarily stockbroker involvement in this column is limited to facilitating the trades. But this week’s list includes a group from one of the ASX’s few brokerage stocks.

Four directors of West Australian broker Euroz (ASX:EZL) chipped in over $100,000 each, led by chairman Andrew McKenzie who bought $202,632 worth of company shares.

The group bought shares as part of the company’s Dividend Reinvestment Plan.

A DRP allows shareholders to buy more shares with their dividends rather then receiving cash back.

Euroz is currently moving to acquire fellow Perth-headquartered broker Hartleys.

Code Company Director Change Date Volume $ What
QFE QuickFee Bruce Coombes Buy 30 July 1,000,000 $210,000 Placement
QFE QuickFee Barry Lewin Buy 30 July 1,000,000 $210,000 Placement
CIA Champion Iron Andrew Love Sell 31 July 100,000 $277,000 On market
CIA Champion Iron Gary Lawler Sell 31 July 100,000 $277,000 On market
IFN Infigen Energy Ross Rolfe Sell 31 July 353,524 $325,242 Takeover
CGB Cann Global Pnina & Sholom Feldman Buy 30 July 71,015,625 $355,078 Rights Issue
AIC AIC Mines Josef El-Raghy Buy 5 August 2,449,045 $685,733 Rights Issue
SUV Suvo Strategic Minerals Kobi Ben-Shabat Buy 30 July 5,000,000 $100,000 Rights Issue
HWH Houston We Have Antanas Gouga Sell 6 August 10,000,000 $495,500 Off market
WBE Whitebark Energy Charles Morgan Buy 3 August 83,333,333 $250,000 Rights Issue
CEL Challenger Exploration Fletcher Quinn Buy 5 August 500,000 $104,731 On market
AZY Antipa Minerals Stephen Power Buy 7 August 5,242,844 $252,181 On market
EZL Euroz Andrew McKenzie Buy 7 August 191,162 $202,632 Dividend Reinvestment Plan
EZL Euroz Simon Yeo Buy 7 August 128,491 $136,200 Dividend Reinvestment Plan
EZL Euroz Greg Chessell Buy 7 August 114,771 $121,657 Dividend Reinvestment Plan
EZL Euroz Jay Hughes Buy 7 August 172,641 $182,999 Dividend Reinvestment Plan
TAS Tasman Resources Gregory Solomon Buy 6 August 7,522,609 $210,633 Rights Issue
TAS Tasman Resources Douglas Solomon Buy 6 August 10,194,290 $285,440 Rights Issue
CCA Change Financial Harley Dalton Buy 6 August 4,500,000 $225,000 Rights Issue
GME GME Resources Peter Huston Buy 7 August 4,324,480 $129,734 Rights Issue
PLL Piedmont Lithium Ian Middlemas Buy 7 August 2,090,909 $188,182 Placement
KGL KGL Resources Denis Wood Buy 7 August 2,447,857 $391,657 Rights Issue
IMU Imugene Charles Walker Buy 10 August 4,500,000 $260,100 On market
AQZ Alliance Aviation Stephen Padgett Sell 12 August 1,000,000 $3,500,000 On market
MNW Mint Payments Alex Teoh Buy 7 August 27,974,249 $475,562 Rights Issue
TSO Tesoro Resources Zeffron Reeves Sell 11 August 650,000 $141,377 ON market
TSO Tesoro Resources Geoffrey McNamara Sell 11 August 2,000,000 $411,000 ON market
ELS Elsight Nir Gabay Sell 14 August 6,005,000 $2,502,500 Off market
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Families buying together

Two other notable groups were family members.

Brothers Greg and Douglas Solomon bought over $200,000 in South Australian-focused explorer Tasman Resources (ASX:TAS).

Mother and son duo Pnina and Sholom Feldman from pot stock Cann Global (ASX:CGB) bought $355,078 worth of shares in one trade between them.

The majority of other buyers came from the resources sector.

The biggest buyer this week was Josef El-Raghy, who hails from gold and copper explorer AIC Mines (ASX:A1M) and spent another $685,733 on shares in a rights issue.

Kobi Ben-Shabat from new WA strategic minerals explorer Suvo (ASX:SUV) bought $100,000 worth of shares.

Ian Middlemas, from one of the few lithium plays focused on North America — Piedmont Lithium (ASX:PLL), spent $188,182 to pick up more shares in a placement.

Bruce Coombes and Barry Lewin, of payment solution QuickFee (ASX:QFE), bought $210,000 worth of shares each in a capital raising.



This week’s most notable seller was Ross Rolfe of wind energy company Infigen Energy (ASX:IFN). He banked $325,242 from the sale of shares as part of the company’s $777m takeover.

On market sellers included Andrew Love and Gary Lawler from Champion Iron (ASX:CIA), who sold $277,000 worth of shares each and Alliance Aviation (ASX:AQZ) boss Stephen Padgett, who parted with $3.5m in shares.

Antanas Guoga, a director of one of the ASX’s few AI plays Houston We Have (ASX:HWH), sold $495,500 worth of shares as part of a block trade to institutional investors.