This fortnight’s list of directors who traded over $100,000 in shares included a trio from NSW-focused copper explorer Peel Mining (ASX:PEX).

Peel undertook a rights issue and James Simpson bought $101,801, Simon Hadfield bought $100,150 and Graham Hardie bought $212,422.

One other director, Robert Tyson, bought in too but just under $80,000.

It’s been a busy 2021 for the company which has undertaken maiden resource definition drilling at its Wirlong project yielding results of up to 5.78 per cent copper.

While the company also has interests in silver and gold, undoubtedly copper is the space to be in right now. Benchmark copper prices are at decade highs and gaining 25 per cent in 2021.

Copper prices are being supported by industrial output and manufacturing continuing to rise from COVID-19 lows as well as concerns about potential mine disruptions.

Code Company Director Change Date Volume $ What
TTM Titan Minerals Matthew Carr Buy 16 April 2,461,009 $247,420 On market
JXT Jaxsta Jacqui Scloorl Sell 20 April 3,350,000 $251,250 Off market
ARO Astro Resources Jacob Leo Khouri Buy 19 April 19,938,583 $273,077 On market
HNG HRL Holdings Alex White Buy 21 April 3,847,216 $461,666 On market
BID Bill Identity David Hancock Buy 22 April 135,000 $100,500 On market
ASM Australian Strategic Materials Ian Gandel Buy 23 April 2,105,611 $10,106,933 Rights Issue
PEX Peel Mining James Simpson Buy 23 April 384,156 $101,801 Rights Issue
PEX Peel Mining Simon Hadfield Buy 23 April 377,923 $100,150 Rights Issue
PEX Peel Mining Graham Hardie Buy 23 Apr 801,594 $212,422 Rights Issue
NXS Next Science Daniel Spira Sell 26 April 362,342 $568,877 On market
HYM Hyperion Metals Todd Hannigan Buy 23 April 453,317 $435,201 On market
NIC Nickel Mines Mark Lochtenberg Buy 27 April 2,000,000 $2,280,800 On market
CTD Corporate Travel Management Laura Ziolkowski Sell 22 April 50,000 $1,005,870 On market
PRL Province Resources Patrick Burke Buy 23 April 6,666,666 $100,000 Capital raising
MAT Matsa Resources Paul Poli Buy 24 March 1,281,000 $102,480 Rights Issue
MBH Maggie Beer Tom Kiing Buy 26 April 757,143 $265,000 Rights Issue
MBH Maggie Beer Hugh Robertson Buy 26 April 769,619 $269,367 Rights Issue
AX1 Accent Group Michael Hapgood Sell 28 April 2,500,000 $7,000,000 Off market
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Other director purchases

Other buyers in the resources space included Matthew Carr of Titan Minerals (ASX:TTM) who purchased $247,420 in his company’s shares. Titan’s flagship project is the 2 million ounce Dynasty project in Ecuador’s South.

The biggest buyer of all was Ian Gandel of Australian Strategic Minerals (ASX:ASM) who bought over $10 million in his company’s rights issue.

This company specialises in rare earths and other critical minerals and has tenements in near Dubbo in NSW. It is hoping to complete an optimisation study next quarter and is discussing offtake arrangements with South Korean manufacturing parties.

Mark Lochtenberg of Nickel Mines (ASX:NIC) was a big buyer too, chipping in $2.28 million on market.

There were few other buyers in other sectors but following on from celebrity chef Maggie Beer’s purchase of shares in her company Maggie Beer (ASX:MBH), two other directors joined in.

Tom Kiing bought $265,000 and Hugh Robertson nought $269,367.



There were two sales over $1 million this week.

One was made by Michael Hapgood from Accent Group (ASX:AX1), which owns footwear franchises. He parted with $7 million in shares off market.

Laura Ziolkowski of Corporate Travel Management (ASX:CTD) sold just over $1 million in shares off market.

Neither director gave a reason for their sale, but Next Science’s (ASX:NXS) Daniel Spira, who sold just over $500,000 in shares, did so to fund tax costs of exercising options.

The company’s shares rose last week after its antibacterial solution was approved by the FDA.