The founder of telco Over the Wire sold out this week.

Brent Paddon sold $4.6m worth of stock, reducing his shareholding in the company from 30 per cent to just over 24 per cent.

Shares in the cloud computing provider (ASX:OTW) are at all-time highs, following a one-day 21 per cent jump in August after they produced a stellar set of financial results.

The share price has just kept moving upwards and Mr Paddon sold at $4.60 — just under the Friday closing price of $4.90.

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The youthful Dongfang Modern Agriculture (ASX:DFM) chairman, Hongwei Cai, has bought in again, making this his 10th (massive) purchase in the company this year.

This week he sank $3.8m into the China-focused citrus grower.

Mr Cai, who is in his early 30s, owns 65 per cent of the company.

Notable moves

Mining identity Klaus Eckoff has just secured 80m performance rights from Lachlan Star (ASX:LSA).

The four tranches of rights will be converted to shares if the share price reaches benchmarks between 2.5c and 6.5c.

The stock is currently sitting at 1c.

Spitfire Material’s (ASX:SPI) Neil Biddle is slowly creeping up to the 20m share mark, a point he told Stockhead early in 2018 he wanted to reach.

“I always wanted to have about 20 million shares… because my associates in the company have around that number… and I want to be supportive of the company.”

It’s been slow going though — he’s still only at 18.8m shares.

Tamawood founder Lev Mizikovsky bought in twice last week, although one was sub-$100,000.

In total, he spent $404,000 on his Brisbane-based building company.

Forced sales

Gas2grid (ASX:GGX) director Patrick Sam Yue took out a $195,000 loan from the company in 2013 to buy shares in it.

But this week, the company took back all 6.5m of those shares because he wasn’t able to repay the loan by its deadline.

Unfortunately too, the stock in 2013 was worth between 3c and 4c. Since then Gas2grid hasn’t done too well, with its shares on a long downhill trajectory to the 0.5c it ended up at on Friday.

Jonathan Stretch’s charitable trust was selling out of ERM Power (ASX:EPW) for the second week in a row.

It says it’s selling for “governance management of concentration risk for investment portfolio”.

ASX code Company Director Change Date Volume $ Where Total holdings controlled
RMY RMA Global David Williams Buy Nov 23, 26, 27 621,868 134463 On market 111m
AQD AusQuest Christopher Ellis Buy Nov 22 20.2m 404786 Converting convertible note 124.7m
CLV Clover Corp Rupert Harrington Buy Nov 26 100,000 134241 On market 433,751
DFM Dongfang Modern Agriculture Holding Group Hongwei Cai Buy Nov 22 4m 3840000 On market 274.4m
EML EML Payments Tony Adcock Sell Nov 20-21 184,593 276391 Off market 50,000
TWD Tamawood Lev Mizikovsky Buy Nov 23 91,242 329545 On market 12.4m
PSQ Pacific Smiles Alexander Abrahams Buy Nov 16-21 154,000 208820 On market 38m
EPW ERM Power Jonathan Stretch Sell Nov 26-28 115,000 196639 On market 2.7m
OTW Over the Wire Brent Paddon Sell Nov 27 1m 4600000 On market 13m
PVS Pivotal Systems Corp Kevin Landis Buy Nov 27 150,000 258000 On market 175,786
BDA Bod Australia George Livery Buy Nov 27 300,000 159000 Participation in capital raising 300,000
BDA Bod Australia Stephen Thompson Buy Nov 27 300,000 159000 Participation in capital raising 300,000
ATS Australis Oil & Gas Jonathan Stewart Buy Nov 28 500,000 157445 On market 61m
D20 Duxton Water Peter Michell Buy Nov 23 193,462 251500 Participation in capital raising 503,462
GGX Gas2Grid Patrick Sam Yue Sell Nov 29 6.5m 195000 Unpaid loan to company 117.6m
MNY Money 3 Corp Scott Baldwin Buy Nov 28 250,000 372500 Exercise options 4.8m
PVS Pivotal Systems Corp Kevin Landis Buy Nov 28 55,749 100315 On market 231,535
AX1 Accent Group Daniel Agostinelli Buy Nov 27 250,000 325800 On market 17m
SHH Shree Minerals Sanjay Loyalka Buy Nov 30 21.3m 106831 Shares in lieu of fees 47m
FAS FSA Group Deborah Southon Buy Nov 29 100,000 106500 On market 13m
DEG De Grey Mining Andrew Beckwith Buy Nov 27 2m 206667 Exercise options 6m
PPE People Infrastructure Glen Richards Buy Nov 27 300,000 570000 On market 800,000
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