The biggest sale of the week goes to the boss of retail credit provider Zip Co.

Larry Diamond sold 6.6 million Zip Co (ASX:Z1P) shares off market, pocketing nearly $7m. He now owns 61 million shares.

Capilano Honey (ASX:CZZ) managing director Benjamin McKee got a nice payday after accepting the $21-per share takeover offer made by a Chinese-backed private equity fund and a local outfit.

He received roughly $1.2m for his 55,530 shares.

Watpac (ASX:WTP) managing director Martin Monro also accepted a takeover offer, from its biggest shareholder. The 92c-per-share-offer netted him $414,000 for his share package.

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The biggest buy of the week, meanwhile, was done by Phylogica (ASX:PYC) chairman Alan Tribe. He sunk a hefty $3.7m to pick up an extra 124.5 million shares in a capital raising.

Phylogica non-executive director Bernard Hockings also participated in the capital raising, contributing $1m to add another 33.3m shares to his portfolio.

The ones to keep an eye on

Falling outside our $100,000+ club are a handful of traders who have been active recently.

Biotron’s (ASX:BIT) Robert Thomas has made his fourth sale since the company’s share price surged following indications that its drug might help with HIV.

He started in October with 8m shares and a 2.1m pile of options. In the ensuing weeks he’s converted a sizeable chunk of those options and sold the stock, as well as selling down his shares generally.

Mr Thomas now owns 2.7 million shares and no options.

In total, since October Mr Thomas has spent $115,287 exercising options and made $1.6m selling off stock while the sun shines on Biotron.

Tamawood (ASX:TWD) founder Lev Mizikovsky has made his third purchase in the company in the last two weeks.

This one was just a small purchase of $38,164, but in total it adds up to $442,216.

Before November, the only other time Mr Mizikovsky traded in 2018 was in May.

And is Transcendence Technologies (ASX:TTL) about to do something?

All three directors just got a pile of performance-linked incentive options.

New director Patrick Burke and his colleague got 3 million each, while Perth lawyer Peter Wall got 5.5 million.

Transcendence mentioned in February that it wanted to join the blockchain bandwagon, but nothing came of it. It’s now reviewing whether it wants to keep its only other asset, software for the self-managed-funds sector.

Code Company Director Change Date Volume $ What Total holdings controlled
WTP Watpac Martin Monro Sell Nov-27 450000 414000 Accept takeover offer 0
BBN Baby Bunting Group L Matthew Spencer Sell Nov-30 100000 229000 On market 1.4m
BD1 Bard1 Irmgard Irminger-Finger Sell Nov 27-29 8.6m 204981 On market 99.7m
ATS Australis Oil and Gas Jonathan Stewart Buy Nov-30 500000 152200 On market 61.8m
SFH Specialty Fashion Group Michael Kay Buy Nov 27-29 93000 111533 On market 474914
LAA LatAm Autos Simon Clausen Buy Oct-19 2.4m 380000 Convertible notes 29.8m
PPG Pro-Pac Packaging Rupert Harrington Buy Nov-27 1m 210000 On market 4.4m
PYC Phylogica Alan Tribe Buy Nov 30 124.5m 3735000 Capital raising 559.3m
PYC Phylogica Bernard Hockings Buy Nov-30 33.3m 1000000 Capital raising 350m
CZZ Capilano Honey Benjamin McKee Sell Dec-05 55530 1166130 Accept takeover offer 0
PSZ PS&C Glenn Fielding Buy Jun-26 2.7m 460499 Payment for company acquisition 5.3m
YBR Yellow Brick Road Mark Bouris Buy Nov-29 2.3m 231799 Off market 54m
Z1P Zip Co Larry Diamond Sell Dec-04 6.6m 6996000 Off market 61m
RBR Ian Macpherson Ian Macpherson Buy Dec-06 3.1m 101000 On market purchase of shares and convertible notes 43.9m
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