And we’re back: it’s only taken almost two months after the Christmas holiday, but small cap directors have woken up and starting buying (and selling) again in large dollar figures.

Eleven directors bought or sold more than $100,000 of stock. Dozens more made on-market trades between $10,000 and $100,000.

Only three of the big dogs could boast on-market purchases, however, generally taken as a solid indicator of a director’s confidence in the company they run.

Over a period of seven days billionaire Alex Waislitz added to his haul at Thorney Technologies (ASX:TEK), his listed technology investor.

Mr Waislitz, who turned 61 this week, owns almost 23 per cent of the company.

A few Praemium (ASX:PPS) directors bought on market last week, but the biggest plump was by Stuart Robertson, a man who was elected to the top in 2017 as part of a boardroom coup.

Mr Robertson doubled his shareholding with a $103,000 spend.

And at the company formerly known as APN Media — HT&E (ASX:HT1) — new chair Hamish McLennan (former boss of Ten Network) made his first purchase.

It cost him $130,000.

Mr McLennan has been an ad man since day dot, and his Wikipedia profile spruiks his economic credentials: he’s been “a participant at the World Economic Forum at Davos”.

Directors at Energy Technology (ASX:EGY), a company that is hanging on by the skin of its teeth after some heavy losses, a recapitalisation and a share 100:1 share consolidation, had their convertible notes turned into equity.

The loans were for sizeable amounts of money and the directors received huge volumes of stock, as the consolidation saw the number of shares on issue go from 348m to 57m.

Code Company Director Change Date Volume $ What Total holdings controlled
TEK Thoney Tech Alex Waislitz Buy Feb 14-21 652500 143550 On market 59m
PPS Praemium Stuart Robertson Buy Feb 15 165,000 103570 On market 385,000
ol HT&E Hamish McLennan Buy Feb 18 73,000 130457 On market 73,000
ANO Advance Nanotek Lev Mizikovsky Buy Feb 25 603,285 524857 Capital raising 26.5m
EGY Energy Technologies Philip Dulhunty Buy Feb 25 119m 238048 Convertible notes conversion 141m
EGY Energy Technologies Yulin Hu Buy Feb 15 260m 519519 Convertible notes conversion 348m
EGY Energy Technologies Gary Ferguson Buy Feb 15 68m 136275 Convertible notes conversion 115m
EGY Energy Technologies Alfred Chown Buy Feb 15 374m 747393 Convertible notes conversion 424m
AME Alto Metals Terence Wheeler Buy Feb 18 2.9m 104200 Capital raising 34m
EXU Explaurum Jeffrey Lawton Buy Feb 19 6m 430970 Exercise of options 8.5m
DXN The Data Exchange Network Terry Smart Buy Feb 13 1.3m 200000 Capital raising 6.7m
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