Last week was one of the busiest weeks all year for director trades. 21 directors engaged in transactions of $100,000 or more and the total value was $17.78 million.

Four trades were over a million dollars and the biggest of all was the first to be declared to the ASX on Monday. Eagle Health Holdings (ASX: EHH) CEO Zhang Mingwang sold approximately a quarter of his stake in the company for $7.5 million.

The closest thing to a reason given was Mingwang’s declaration it would increase liquidity in the stock. Indeed he is correct since prior to the trade he held nearly 40 per cent of the company. Now he only has 28 per cent.

Despite the supplement maker boasting an $18 million profit in 2018, it has fallen over 20 per cent in the last month.

Those precious options

The other million dollar sale was undertaken by Rameulis Resources (ASX: RMS) managing director Mark Zeptner who sold $1.3 million in stock rights after exercising options.

Since 2014, Rameulis has increased over 20 times as the company has progressed from merely looking for gold to producing nearly a million ounces of gold (a threshold it is expected to cross soon).

But to use options to sell you have to buy in the first place and Fatfish Blockchain (ASX: FFG) director Gan Nyap Liou bought $1.1 million and did not sell.

One other director bought over a million in stock and it was despite three brokers (Ord Minnett, Morgans and Taylor Collison) recommending ‘Hold’ rather than ‘Buy’ in recent weeks.

Ardent Leisure Group’s (ASX: ALG) Gary Weiss bought $2.5 million in shares. Ord Minnett, and Morgans ‘Hold’ calls came even though they set target prices over 40 per cent above its current price.

When you’re short on your dough

As we reported on Friday, gold miner Beacon Minerals (ASX: BCN) fell short of the funds it wanted in its capital raise by a third. Geoffrey Greenhill and Graham McGarry bought nearly $1.6 million between them to make up the shortfall.

Australian Family Legal (ASX: AFL) is rising out of the ashes of Navigator Resources, anticipated to commence trading this week.

Despite being expected to resign, former Navigator directors Joshua McKean and Gregory Ruddock bought $400,000 between them as part of the recapitalisation.

Signs it’s time to buy

One sign it might be time to buy is when your company is finding massive diamonds and making millions from them. Last week Lucapa Diamond (ASX: LOM) sold US$22.1 million in diamonds to date this year and once again showed its discoveries.

Pic: Lucapa Diamond

Director Ross Stanley bought $161,719 in the last week. Unfortunately for the entire board, options held by multiple directors at 53 cents per share expired last Sunday.

On Friday Stockhead reported Australia could become a major player in the silica market. VRX Silica (ASX: VRX) director Peter Pawlowitsch bought $200,000 in a placement.

Only two weeks ago Hartleys analyst John Macdonald, headlining his report with the words “There’s money in shifting sand”, tipped the stock to nearly triple to 18 cents.

Another sign might be if you want to list in London. Po Valley Energy (ASX: PVE) said last week it was looking to do just that and Kevin Bailey bought $304,000.

The directors who came back for more

Last week’s Director Trades wrap reported Image Resources (ASX: IMA) director Li Huang Cheng bought $462,500 in stock right as it signed its first off-take agreements.  This week Li bought again, acquiring $301,800 in shares.

Gindalbie Metals (ASX: GBG) director Keith Jones was another director who bought and came back for more. First he bought $123,829 and then $179,200 only two trading days later.

ARQ Group (ASX: ARQ) director Andrew Reitzner bought $157,839 last week after buying $44,286 the week before.

While we’re on the subject of ARQ, the week before last his colleague Martin Mercer sold $329,363 due to a tax bill. Presumably it’s been settled because on Thursday he bought some of those shares back – $25,000 to be exact.

Code Company Director Change Date Volume $ What Total holdings
EHH Eagle Health Holdings Zhang Mingwang Sell 29-31 May 33,290,000 7515000 On market 91,201,747
ALG Ardent Leisure Group Gary Weiss Buy 29 May 2,000,000 2480000 On market 66,958,451
RMS Rameulis Resources Mark Zeptner Sell 28 May-3 June 1,500,000 1320000 On market 1,500,000
FFG Fatfish Blockchain Gan Nyap Liou Buy 31 May 100,439,332 1104833 Exercise of options 76,399,350
BCN Beacon Minerals Graham McGarry Buy 31 May 57,327,082 974560 Rights Issue 204,366,268
GTG Genetic Technologies Samuel Lee Sell 13 May 59,594,850 684166 On market 0
BCN Beacon Minerals Geoffrey Greenhill Buy 31 May 35,070,801 596204 On market 148,382,040
ALT Analytica Michael Monsour Buy 7 June 106,632,612 514163 Rights Issue 719,818,279
PVE Po Valley Energy Kevin Bailey Buy 5 June 8,000,000 304000 On market 143,109,121
IMA Image Resources Li Huang Cheng Buy 5 June 1,300,000 301800 On market 135,445,311
ATL Apollo Tourism & Leisure Luke Trouchet Buy 31 May 625,000 250000 On market 98,738,118
VRX VRX Silica Peter Pawlowitsch Buy 4 June 3,333,333 199999.9800 Placement 5,383,437
GMV G Medical Innovations Yacov Geva Buy 3 June 742,168 182566 On market 212,157,242
GBG Gindalbie Metals Keith Jones Buy 4 June 6,400,000 179200 On market 11,303,304
LUC Lucapa Diamond Ross Stanley Buy 30 May-4 June 1,123,508 171619 On market 41,123,944
DRX Diatreme Resources Cheng Wang Buy 3 June 1,500,000 165000 Placement 5,767,255
CLI CropLogic Stephen Silver Buy 31 May 4,000,000 160000 Placement 28,897,035
ARQ ARQ Group Andrew Reitzner Buy 4 June 95,400 $157,740.00 On market 122,500
GBG Gindalbie Metals Keith Jones Buy 31 May 4,603,304 123829 On market 4,903,304
AFL Australian Family Lawyers Gregory Ruddock Buy 29,30 May 1,500,000 300000 On market 2,583,333
AFL Australian Family Lawyers Joshua McKean Buy 29,30 May 333,334 100000 Recapitalisation 1,563,334
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