Here’s our weekly look at which ASX small cap directors bought or sold their own stock (August 6-10):

More than a dozen heavy hitters reported trades bigger than $100,000 last week.

Who’s selling

Mark Lawrenson — who goes by his middle name, Cliff — did well in the Atlas Iron (ASX:AGO) takeover, making almost $5 million from the sale of his shares to Australia’s richest woman, Gina Rinehart.

Mr Lawrenson’s boardroom buddy Cheryl Edwards made $8740 from the takeover.

Ms Edwardes, a former Attorney General for WA, also heads the board of Croplogic (ASX:CLI) and the West Australian Football Commission.

The only real sale last week was IOT Group’s (ASX:IOT) Sean Neylon, who sold 11.7 million shares for $23,334.

The sale represented 26 per cent of his total holdings.

>> Scroll down for a table of all the small cap trades reported until 5pm Friday last week.

Who’s buying

The other big hitters were all spending as part of corporate share purchase plans or capital raisings.

The largest on-market trade was by OBJ (ASX:OBJ) director Steven Schapera. He bought $71,000 of shares which makes his total holding worth about $226,000.

OBJ is a biotech researcher but it works in a particularly interesting area: using magnetic fields to control how drugs are introduced to the body.

While Mr Schapera is strongly backing the business — this is this third on-market buy in four months — the shares have been in decline for the past two years.

Anthony Leibowitz watch

If Ensurance’s (ASX:ENA) Anthony Leibowitz isn’t supporting a capital raising, he’s buying in.

The chairman is the insurance underwriter’s biggest champion, investing nine times this year.

He owns 38 per cent of Ensurance.

Mr Leibowitz was an early investor in Pilbara Minerals (ASX:PLS) and chairman of recruiter Chandler Macleod.

Touching base with Reward Minerals

The last time we touched base with Reward Minerals (ASX:RWD), in July, the first director since 2016 who wasn’t Michael Ruane had bought in.

But Mr Ruane is back, reporting his 72nd trade in the company last week. His stake is sitting at 26 per cent after a rights issue in July — he had briefly owned 30 per cent of the company.


Only one of miner Terracom’s (ASX:TER) seven directors didn’t report a trade last week — but the company also copped its second ‘please explain’.

Director Matthew Hunter made two trades in May, included in the total in the table below, for 100,000 shares.

“The non-disclosure of the Appendix 3Y in May 2018, as required under listing rule 3.19A, was an administrative oversight of the company secretary,” Terracom said in an ASX announcement. “Matthew provided the company secretary with the details of these share purchases within the required time frame as required under listing rule 3.19B.

This follows an ASX announcement on August 2 where Terracom explained why it let independent director James Soorley trade in a closed period.

“Mr Soorley, nor the board of directors, were not in possession of any material price sensitive information at the time of requesting clearance and acquiring shares, the chairman, after making reasonable enquiries, provided written clearance,” it told the ASX.

Pro-Pac Packaging (ASX:PPG) also noted the “late advice” about Rupert Harrington’s May trade last week due to “an inadvertent oversight”.

And finally, Neil Biddle at Spitfire Materials (ASX:SPI) is active again.

Mr Biddle wants to get to 20 million shares in the company he joined after Spitfire bought Admiral Gold in march last year.

Mr Biddle founded Pilbara Minerals, so he knows a thing or two about a promising miner.

ASX code Company Director Change Date Volume $ Where Total holdings controlled
AS1 Angel Seafood Timothy Goldsmith Buy August 1 and 2 200,000 27560 On market 3.44m
ASP Aspermont Ltd Geoff Donohue Buy August 3 2.3 million 25000 Salary sacrifice share plan 42.2m
AZM Azumah Resources Debra Bakker Buy August 3 400,000 10400 On market 400,000
BXN Bioxyne Anthony Ho Buy August 2 300,000 12780 On market 26m
ENA Ensurance Anthony Leibowitz Buy August 3 598,912 22788 On market 58.8m
GBZ GBM Resources Peter Thompson Buy August 6 3 million 150000 Share purchase plan 14.2m
GBZ GBM Resources Neil Norris Buy August 6 3 million 150000 Share purchase plan 14.1m
GBZ GBM Resources Hun Seng Tan Buy August 6 3 million 150000 Share purchase plan 21.7m
HLX Helix Resources Timothy Kennedy Buy August 3 300,000 10200 On market 3.3m
KOV Korvest Graeme Billings Buy August 1 8000 20800 On market 8,667
SCI Silver City Minerals Robert Besley Buy August 3 310,109 9179 On market 3m
SPI Spitfire Materials Neil Biddle Buy August 2 500,000 40123 On market 17.7m
TER Terracom Phillip Forrest Buy August 3 50,000 24250 On market 1.1m
UOS United Overseas Australia Kong Pak LIm Buy July 30 441,346 300115 Off market 791.5m
WCN White Cliff Minerals Todd Hibberd Disposed August 6 86.5 million 0 Rights cancelled 76m
YOW Yowie Group Mark Schuessler Buy August 3 600,000 50400 Performance rights conversion 942,428
AGO Atlas Iron Cheryl Edwards Sold August 3 208,100 8740 Accept takeover offer 0
AGO Atlas Iron Mark Lawrenson Sold August 3 117 million 4914599 Accept takeover offer 0
AME Alto Metals Terry Streeter Buy August 1 500,000 5247 On market 1.55m
AUR Auris Minerals Robert Martin Buy August 3 and 6 500,000 34999 On market 31.2m
COB Cobalt Blue Hugh Keller Buy August 6 10,020 4161 On market 755,000
DCN Dacian Gold Rohan Williams Buy August 3 and 7 205,555 14,998 Exercised performance rights and share purchase plan 8.3m
DCN Dacian Gold Robert Reynolds Buy August 3 5555 14998 Share purchase plan 2.7m
DCN Dacian Gold Ian Cochrane Buy August 3 5555 14998 Share purchase plan 265,295
FEL FE Antony Sage Buy August 6 2.5 million 50000 Off market 6.4m
KIS King Island Scheelite Johann Jacobs Buy August 1 1.4 million 77104 Rights offer 3.9m
KIS King Island Scheelite Christopher Ellis Buy August 1 6.4 million 356844 Rights offer 58.6m
KIS King Island Scheelite Allan Davies Buy August 1 442,949 24362 Rights offer 7.5m
MDX Mindax Benjamin Chow Buy August 7 10 million 50000 Shares issued at AGM 10.196m
TER Terracom James Soorley Buy August 3 100,000 47000 On market 592,000
TER Terracom Wallace King Buy August 3 102,000 49874 On market 1.1m
UOS United Overseas Australia Kong Chong Soon Buy August 7 257,955 162859 Off market 1b
CLL Collerina Cobalt Rimas Kairaitis Buy August 6 30,000 2400 Rights offer 330,000
CLL Collerina Cobalt Peter Nightingale Buy August 6 1.2 million 99000 Rights offer 13.6m
CLL Collerina Cobalt Normal Seckold Buy August 6 6.1 million 489391 Rights offer 67.3m
CLL Collerina Cobalt Anthony Segro Buy August 6 14,118 1129 Rights offer 155,297
CLL Collerina Cobalt Justin Werner Buy August 6 665,167 53213 Rights offer 7.3m
HMX Hammer Metals Russel Davies Buy August 7 500,000 9500 On market 11m
KNO Knosys Alan Stockdale Buy August 7 250,000 17500 Rights offer 250,000
KNO Knosys Peter Pawlowsitch Buy August 7 331,578 23210 Rights offer 1.2m
KNO Knosys Richard Levy Buy August 7 145,000 10150 Rights offer 10m
PRU Perseus Mining Jeffery Quartermaine Disposed August 7 833,333 0 Rights cancelled 1m
PRU Perseus Mining Colin Carson Disposed August 7 200,000 0 Rights cancelled 1.5m
RCL ReadCloud Darren Hunter Buy August 8 687,500 0 Converting performance rights 6.3m
TER Terracom Craig Wallace Buy August 6 10,200 4881 On market 10,200
THD Thred David Wheeler Buy August 2 25 million 62500 On market 25m
AME Alto Metals Dermot Ryan Buy August 6 26,851 1315 On market 6.9m
BTH Bigtincan Wayne Stevenson Buy August 7 42,858 15000 Share purchase plan 342,858
BTH Bigtincan Thomas Amos Buy August 7 28,572 10000 Share purchase plan 371,033
M7T Mach7 Technologies Michael Jackman Buy August 3 and 6, and November 22, 2017 504,340 89811 Converting performance rights and on market 1.9m
OBJ OBJ Steven Schapera Buy August 7 2.5 million 70879 On market 8.1m
TER Terracom Matthew Hunter Buy May 22 and 23, August 3, 6 and 7 500,000 33500 On market 1.1m
TER Terracom Paul Anderson Buy August 9 100,000 47945 On market 55.9m
WLC Wollongong Coal Milind Oza Buy August 6 397,892 3182 On market 1.4m
PPG Pro-Pac Packaging Rupert Harrington Buy May 23 and August 6 82,151 31354 Dividend reinvestment plan and share purchase plan 1.7m
JAT JatEnergy Anthony Crimmins Buy August 10 1 million 100000 Share placement 40.5m
DGH Desane Felice Montrone Buy August 7 1.3 million 1355618 Rights issue 14.2m
DGH Desane John Bartholomew Buy August 7 41,779 43867 Rights issue 672,635
DGH Desane Riccardo Montrone Buy August 7 12,414 13000 Rights issue 136,545
DGH Desane John Sheehan Buy August 7 13,522 14198 Rights issue 148,735
ENE Enevis Thomas Krulis Buy August 10 500,000 100000 Shares approved by shareholders 2.1m
JAT JatEnergy Wilton Yao Buy August 10 1 million 100000 Share placement 19.8m
EZL Euroz Andrew McKenzie Buy August 9 100,000 115000 On market 12.6m
KYK Kyckr Benny Higgins Buy August 10 1m 140000 Off market 1m
RWD Reward Minerals Michael Ruane Buy August 1 and 7 290,000 52137 On market 41.8m
BGL Bellevue Gold Raymond Shorrocks Buy August 6 and 7 100,000 18000 On market 1.4m
IOT IOT Group Sean Neylon Sold August 8 11.7m 23334 On market 32.8m
NMT Neometals Christopher Reed Buy August 10 835,339 0 Issue of performance rights 3.9m
RHP Rhipe Dominic O'Hanlon Buy August 10 500,000 225000 Exercise options 4.8m
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