Rapper Method Man is proving he’s a crypto fan. The Wu-Tang Clan man has revealed his plans to release an NFT-based comic series built on the Flow blockchain (FLOW).

According to the hip-hop star’s Twitter account, which shouted out an article by Rolling Stone, the NFTs (non-fungible tokens) will be part of a comics universe called Tical World.

The first batch of NFTs in the series will reportedly be called “Part 1: The Origin” and will include a collection of various other treats to sweeten the deal beyond reading and owning a digitised comic.

These extras will include: original artworks, 3D animations, a digital spending card for Tical Athletics sportswear and, probably best of all, an unreleased audio recording with Method Man music and lyrics.

The original artworks are signed by Method Man and created by the New York artist Alex Smetsky. And they’re based on the Wu-Tang Clan’s Killa Beez – a collective of rappers affiliated with the OG hip-hop group.

It appears some of the art for the comics and characters, meanwhile, have been created by a pseudonymous artist called Dgkstarr, according to the Rolling Stone article.

The Flow blockchain is one of the most widely adopted NFT-focused projects in the crypto space, known for hosting the insanely popular, Ethereum-network-clogging Crypto Kitties NFTs, as well as the equally hyped NBA Top Shot series.

Method Man’s NFT series will also be digitally secured using TuneGO, a cloud-based protocol built to provide record labels and artists with “digital vaults” for safely storing their work.


Method Man and crypto

The upcoming Tical World NFT release isn’t the first time Method Man and the Wu-Tang clan have been associated with the crypto world.

As reported by Decrypt, late last year the rapper seemingly “teamed up” with the decentralised lending protocol Cream (CREAM), which is currently ranked 263 on CoinGecko with a market cap of US$153,741,613.

It’s not a collaboration that was confirmed on Method Man’s official Twitter account, however. If it isn’t legit, it’s a pretty good imitation. We’ll let you be the judge…

Also, as reported by Stockhead, crypto billionaire and Gemini co-founder Tyler Winklevoss recently said he thinks the hip-hop supergroup’s famed album Once Upon a Time in Shaolin would’ve been best sold as tokenised NFTs.

Instead, the one-off, commercially embargoed album was hastily traded off to an anonymous buyer by US government officials after they claimed the asset from imprisoned pharmaceuticals exec Martin Shkreli.

This sale put an end to at least one group of Wu-Tang Clan crypto fans’ aims of attaining the album for the apparent good of the hip-hop-loving world. At last count, the “Wu-Tang Coin ICO” had raised about 3.27 Ethereum (about US$10,000 at the present ETH price of US$3,057) in its quest to get hold of the album.

It hasn’t been confirmed how much the US government sold the rare hip-hop album for, but it no doubt went to someone with far deeper pockets than a few ETH.