Elvis has left the building… to web3/crypto companies. And it turns out they’ve been BUIDLing a whole multi-metaverse NFT project based around the King of Rock’n’Roll.

Today, Elvis Presley Enterprises and web3 studio Run it Wild announced a bunch of new partners for Elvis On-Chain – a metaverse-focused project we first mentioned in Coinhead back in January.

The project’s “genesis launch” kicks and Elvis karate chops its way into the digital world on June 1. Collaborators include major metaverse gaming worlds Decentraland and The Sandbox, as well as digital creator Voxel Architects, wearables designer DAPPCRAFT and the web3 utility creator Metakey.

If you’ve read too many press releases, you could think of them as a kind of crypto-industry supergroup, all working to pay homage to the King through interconnected, metaversal experiences that service Elvis fan culture.

What that essentially entails is an online-based, Elvis-themed museum and amusement park that will incorprate play-and-earn games, memorabilia in the form of NFT collections and avatars, plus opportunities for Elvis IP governance, various events and more.

It’s a broad, digital meeting place for nerd-tastic fans of the King to virtually, erm… love him tender.

A promo shot for Decentrland’s Elvis-themed metaverse contribution. (Image supplied)

“The Elvis metaverse will host an array of ground-breaking experiences, generative collections, showcase of rare concerts, fan experiences and real events,” explained Run It Wild Director Adam De Cata.

A special NFT – the Elvis Genesis Key – will act as an all-access pass to the Elvis-On-Chain metaverse, and 1,935 of those are due to mint on June 1 (to be confirmed).

And that’s where Metakey comes in, as it specialises in creating single tokens that can seamlessly integrate with multiple platforms and games.

“Elvis ‘shook up’ the music industry in the 1950s and it’s that sort of cultural impact we like to champion,” said Metakey’s Australian founder – prominent NFT investor Mateen Soudagar (@DCLBlogger).

As for The Sandbox, it’s creating Elvis avatars, with help from Voxel Architects, for use in a gamified Elvis-themed world within its larger digital realm. The image and trailer below gives you half a glimpse at what those look like.

A screenshot of A Sandbox Elvis avatar in action. (Image supplied)

Then, following the genesis NFT mint, Decentraland and Vegas City will host The Elvis Block Party, which aims to break a Guinness World Record for the most Elvis impersonators in one place.

And yep, the metaverse is apparently a location that works for that. If IRL-only Elvis fans have suspicious minds about it all, apparently an official GWR adjudicator is locked in to confirm it.

Attendees will be able to access DAPPCRAFT-desgined Elvis wearables including an Elvis jumpsuit and an Elvis-styled wig. While Genesis Key holders will be gifted officially licensed Elvis Decentraland wearables.

An Elvis “Eagle” jumpsuit, digitally reimagined by DAPPCRAFT.


Why Elvis, why now?

Fair enough question. It’s probably the same reason Baz Luhrmann is set to release a no-doubt typically flamboyant biopic on the big fella. This year mark’s the 45th anniversary of Elvis’s passing.

Is 45 years actually a milestone? Like Elvis himself, the 45 RPM vinyl record changed music forever, so maybe let’s just correlate it to that.