Twitter Coin, eh? Yep, quite possibly, DOGE fans. Does this wreck your social-media-platform payments narrative? Not necessarily. Elon’s got your back, right?

Dogecoin has recently been leg-humping its way up the market cap chart on the strength of rumours it could be integrated into the Elon Musk-era Twitter platform as a payments/currency/tipping option.

That’s not out of the question for Musk’s favourite crypto token – it is, after all, utilised by Tesla as a means of paying for the electric vehicle company’s merch – clothes, bags, sipping glasses… dog whistles (1,000 DOGE). All the useful stuff.

But there’s a potential spanner in those DOGE-pumping works. It appears there’s a contender for the platform’s speculative payments method crown, which people (people on Twitter) are referring to as “Twitter Coin”.

Sounds plausible. But is there any substance behind it?


Twitter Coin sleuths sniff out the clues

According to Cointelegraph and other sources, a tech researcher and blogger named Jane Manchun Wong posted now-deleted tweets in which she claimed to have extracted code from a specific version of Twitter’s web app. Wong had apparently hinted that a crypto payments and tips function could feature on the platform soon.

Incidentally, Wong’s entire Twitter account is now defunct as well, although that’s not necessarily anything other than a personal choice based on being fed up with Twitter trolls.

Nima Owji, another Twitter-based sleuth, has meanwhile picked up the trail.

Owji tweeted an image that supposedly indicated Twitter has been working on payments in a “Coins” section of a hidden “Tips” setting on the Twitter app. It also included the vector image of the supposed Twitter Coin (below).

So what does this mean for the Dogecoin Twitter payments hopium then? 

DOGE fans were champing at the bit on December 4 when Elon Musk mentioned the following to a couple of million listeners on a Twitter Spaces session on the weekend: 

“It is kind of a no-brainer for Twitter to have payments, both fiat and crypto.”

If we were to hazard a wild guess – even if Twitter Coin does become a thing and it doesn’t turn out to just be a codename for Dogecoin, we’d predict DOGE will still have a part to play on Musk’s social media platform, given the multi-billionaire’s fondness for the meme coin.


What about the Bitcoin Lightning tips?

As for other crypto integration on Twitter? Possible – Musk is also partial to a bit of Bitcoin and Ethereum. And Bitcoin has some history on the platform since late last year, with Jack Mallers’ Strike company partnering with Twitter to enable Lightning-network based BTC tips.

However, that Lightning-tips feature is now being phased out from the platform due to lack of use, and some say that’s a blow to Bitcoin maxis. Perhaps Bitcoin maxis (and just general holders), though, simply have no desire to do anything else with their BTC than keep it as a store of value.