• Polygon Labs, a prominent blockchain firm, has joined with entertainment studio Feature and The Fast and the Furious screenwriter to create a new racing franchise called Lollipop.
  • The project’s IP will work streaming film/TV, gaming, and racing into one experience for motor sports and gaming fans.


Polygon Labs, the crypto firm behind Polygon (MATIC) – one of the leading Ethereum scaling solutions and a blockchain in its own right – has teamed up with Feature, a “next-generation” entertainment studio, for a new interactive-media project called Lollipop.

In the press-release info shared with Stockhead this morning, the collaboration describes Lollipop as a “first-of-its-kind racing franchise” that combines elements of episodic streaming, gaming, and professional sports.

The idea is to engage audiences to actively participate in a “narrative-driven racing circuit through tech-enabled gamification”.

And that narrative is being written by David Ayer, a well-known Hollywood screenwriter responsible for penning The Fast and the Furious, the most-excellent Training Day and Fury, among several others.

He’s teaming up with Chris Long of independent film studio Cedar Park Studios to write and produce the Lollipop project. Cedar Park is currently producing Jason Statham vehicle The Beekeeper, with Ayer directing.


Crypto angle?

So then, this Lollipop thing has some serious writing and production chops behind it. But what about the crypto angle?

As mentioned, the interactive project is being built on the Ethereum-scaling network Polygon. And, while publicly available details are scant at present, specially created Polygon-based NFTs will reportedly be factored into the experience.

“Where episodic streaming, interactive gaming, and digital ownership meet,” reads the Lollipop website

According to Decrypt, however, Feature’s founder and CEO Steven Ilous says that the company prefers to call NFTs “digital collectibles”, because of the negative stigma surrounding the acronym.

That stigma stems from the perception that NFTs are little more than cynical cash-grabs, and has been propagated by many a “traditional” web2 gamer. 

Nevertheless, “digital collectibles” built on Polygon’s blockchain, will feature in some sort of “gamified” way. 

“We’re incredibly excited to be partnering with Polygon Labs as we pioneer next-generation content experiences and bring the world’s first next-generation storytelling project to market with Lollipop,” said Ilous in a statement.

 “Polygon technology will play an integral component in seamlessly bringing the Lollipop experience to audiences across the globe,” he added.

“Feature is spearheading the future of storytelling and utilising Polygon blockchain technology to create a completely new type of media,” chimed in Ryan Wyatt, President of Polygon Labs. “The project’s achievements are truly pioneering and we are looking forward to helping to bring their vision to life.”