High fashion, Smith’s Chips and Aussie rock band Dune Rats. What have they got in common? NFTs. Did that really need asking?

Only the latter two mentioned in that trio are interlinked, so we’ll make them the headline and get to the BTC Markets/fashion support act in a minute. Or should it be the other way around?


‘Crunch, crunch, Double Crunch…’

So the iconi… nah, we’re not going to say it… the much-loved Aussie chips brand… actually we’ll stop ourselves again… The much-loved, British-Australian-founded chips brand (owned by America’s PepsiCo), has teamed up with energetic Brisbane rockers Dune Rats to do the whole NFT thing.

And how that’s digitally materialising is through a one-off (actually there’s 500 available), collectible, chip-themed piece of animated digital art with audio. Apparently it’s a world’s first, and we believe it.

The NFT chip is based on Smith’s new product: Double Crunch chips, and the Dune Rats have collaborated by putting together a tune to help promote. It goes a bit like this…

“Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah… crunch crunch, Double Crunch” (repeat a bunch of times – see below)

The 500 copies of the “crunchtacular” NFT track are being minted this week and are available for free as a collective piece via “eco-friendly” NFT producer and marketer Fanaply on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Putting on his best press-release performance, Dune Rats’ singer Danny Beus said: It was a hoot to get together with a bunch of legends to record this crunchy number about super catchy chips.”

Meanwhile Smith’s Senior Brand Manager Sam O’Donnell is just “stoked to be creating a piece of history with the Smith’s chip NFT”.

Want to bag yourself one of these audio-chip NFTs? Head over to Fanaply’s site here.


BTC Markets partners with AAFW and leading Sydney designer

Continuing the Aussie-related crypto news, leading home-grown crypto exchange BTC Markets announced earlier this week that it’s partnered with the Afterpay Australian Fashion Week (AAFW) 2022 – a first for the crypto and fashion industries in Australia.

The non-fungible angle is that, as part of the deal, the exchange will also be collaborating with Sydney-based designer Daniel Avakian on an exclusive NFT.

The token is based on a couture dress featured in the Daniel Avakian runway show, which takes place on Wednesday May 11 at Sydney’s Carriageworks, the home of AAFW.

Unlike most fashion NFTs, the BTC Markets and Daniel Avakian collaboration will present the dress both physically on a real model and virtually in a “photo-realistic hyper-real animated avatar format”, according to info shared with Stockhead.

The NFT dress will then be made available in Daniel Avakian’s virtual retail store for purchase, both as a real garment and as an NFT.

Commenting on the partnership, Caroline Bowler, Chief Executive Officer of BTC Markets said:

“There is a growing community of crypto-savvy women in Australia, and we are excited and proud to be the first Official Cryptocurrency Exchange Partner to engage with them at the Afterpay Australian Fashion Week this year.

“With crypto being traditionally male-dominated both on the industry and investor side, we understood that as a crypto company led by a female CEO and COO, we had to break new ground, and AAFW offered us with the right opportunity to do so.”