In a day when every dog has its own shitcoin, why can’t a movement to save the world’s favourite pop singer?

At least two tokens are promising to “free” the pop star – or at least make some money off of her.

There’s the Free Britney token on Binance Smart Chain, and the SaveBritney coin coming to Ethereum.

The latter has the flashier website, but isn’t yet available on Uniswap.

“Crypto can’t be controlled by any institute or by Britney’s father lawyers! Decentralisation at it’s (sic) best,” the website reads, using the hashtag “#CryptoSavesBritney”

In a press release, the European-based team behind the token said that “11% of the trade volume will be used to support the cause – 7% will be used to support the marketing and exposure of the token, which will raise more awareness to the case and keep it on the agenda, and the other 3% will be funded personally to Britney.

The FreeBritney BSC coin began trading on July 5 on PancakeSwap and had a market cap of just US$73,588, with 24-hour trading volume of US$2,936.

Because PancakeSwap and Uniswap are decentralised exchanges, anyone can list a token on them pretty easily, without anyone’s permission.

Attracting attention for one’s project is much more difficult – but hitching one’s coin to a popular movement certainly helps.