Reese Witherspoon has gone down the crypto rabbit hole, big time.

The A-lister tweeted overnight that in the near future, everyone would have a parallel digital identity and that avatars, crypto wallets and digital goods would be the norm.

Anyone watching what’s going on with Web 3.0 probably wouldn’t even consider this a bold prediction — there’s signs it is happening daily. But the Legally Blonde actress was roundly mocked for it in the celebrity press.

“Pretty funny how many people still don’t understand this, even after #Facebook changed its friggin’ name to META. This is the future,” one user tweeted.

Fans of NEAR Protocol meanwhile were looking for a hidden meaning in Witherspoon’s words.

It’s not the first time the actress has tweeted to her 2.9 million followers about crypto.

In October she even changed her Twitter avatar to a World of Women NFT.