Lawmakers from several other Latin American countries have been following El Salvador’s lead in boosting Bitcoin, even as questions swirl over just what El Salvador’s adoption would mean.

Panamanian congressman Gabriel Silva posted on Twitter that he was preparing a proposal to present at the national assembly.

“This is important, and Panama cannot be left behind,” he wrote. “If we want to be a true technology and entrepreneurship hub, we have to support cryptocurrencies.”

Paraguay congressman Carlitos Rejala posted a photo of himself with the Bitcoin “laser eyes for US$100k” meme and promised he’d this week he’d introduce an “important project to innovative Paraguay in front of the world!”

Argentinian congressman Francisco Sanchez also took part in the meme, as did two Brazilian congressmen.

Questions over El Salvador adoption

Meanwhile, El Salvador’s secretary of commerce and investment, Miguel Kattan, said during a meeting of the country’s central bank that despite El Salvador adopting Bitcoin, there wouldn’t be a “de-dollarization” of the economy.

A tomato that costs 20c, for example, would still cost 20c if a seller accepts Bitcoin.

“If the one who is charging accepts the Bitcoin and the one who is paying it wants to do it with Bitcoin, there is no difference from what we have today,” he said.

But of course, sellers are already free to accept Bitcoin. One surfing village in El Salvador reportedly uses it extensively. So it’s not clear what the bill would change, other than increasing awareness.