You’ve probably heard of play to earn, play and earn, possibly move to earn and maybe even explore to earn. Move over, that stuff, because Saltwater Games is introducing “play to impact”.

The Sydney-based Web3 games studio has inked a multi-year deal with another Aussie firm for the venture – Adelaide’s Airspeeder, which is the world’s first motorsport series for electric flying cars.

Wait. Actual flying cars? Yep. Hello, McFlyyy… the future we all wanted as kids might finally be coming true. And yep, the Airspeeder does indeed use the line “Where we’re going we don’t need roads”.

Anyway, back to the crypto/metaverse focus – play to impact, or Play2Impact as the two companies write it – is described by Saltwater Games as the place “where physical and virtual worlds merge for competition, rewards, education, and impact”.

The impact in question refers to social impact, and we’ll get to that shortly.


Immersive flying-car racing in the metaverse

The “Web3” hook here is the creation of a competitive, virtual reality, free-to-play, play-to-earn, Play2Imapct, AAA-gaming experience based on Airspeeder’s unique, real-life racing mechanics.

The racing is apparently “augmented by real-world physics” taken from tens of thousands of Airspeeder flight hours.

Here’s a bit of a teaser, which is giving us serious “pod-racing” vibes.

The racing-game series, dubbed AirspeederXR, is all about immersive play in a metaverse reality, with players competing head to head in multiplayer format and tournaments – incorporating Saltwater Games’ in-built economic model that offers “the opportunity to win life-changing prize pools”.

And that economic model is designed to be an “intrinsically motivated reward system for all gamer types”, reads the website, which adds:

“Our Play to Impact approach balances engaging gameplay with economic growth through real world social and environmental yield generating initiatives including: Social Impact Support, Carbon Emission Rehabilitation and Clean Technology Advancement.”


‘Need for speed’ when ‘gaming for good’

Len Findlay, CEO and founder of Saltwater Games, explained: “Our gaming partnership with Airspeeder is a key step for SWG and marks the genesis moment in providing global accessibility to one of the world’s most exciting electric motorsports.

We are attracting and building communities that feel the need for speed and want to be rewarded for their value contribution and play their part in the ‘Gaming for Good’ movement.”

Airspeeder is designed to get people excited about the possibilities of a “clean air vertically enabled future”, said Matt Pearson, founder of Airspeeder, who believes Saltwater Games can help them use gaming to “create a change for good in the real world”.

AirspeederXR will be accessible via the Celeros metaverse, a “mixed reality” digital world built by Saltwater Games. Celeros is currently invitation-only, with a beta coming in mid-2023.