A play-to-earn metaverse game has raised US$1.5 million from some of the biggest blockchain investors in its latest funding round.

Genesis Builders, DAOMaker, Momentum 6, Master Ventures, Animoca Brands, Clover Ventures and more invested in Warena ahead of the launch of its ERC-20 governance token RENA on Thursday.

Warena says it’ll use the funds to continue to develop its ecosystem and partner with top game developers.

The game aims to allow players to create characters that can interact with characters in a completely different game universes, such as Axie Infinity, Cat Gunner and My Defi Pet.

The Warena NFT game will be released in two phases.

The first phase is a 2D tower-defence style game in which players must defend against waves of zombie hordes.

The second phase, set to launch in the second quarter of next year, will let players battle other players in a larger 3D metaverse.

“Several hundred years following the triumph of the human species over the zombie hoards, we find a galaxy now inhabited by humans, robots, and aliens. Unexpectedly, a Big Bang occurs and fragments the universe into different dimensions (the Metaverse),” Warena says on its website.

“Following the fracture, all sentient beings start to align with different tribes such as fairies, youkai, demon and human races, to name a few. Trade, peace and war all take on an entirely different aspect in this new era, named the New Cosmic Era.”