It’s Playboy’s turn to hop into the crowded non-fungible token avatar sector, with a new release coming soon. Wonder what Hugh Hefner would make of it… quite possibly a stack of ETH.

PLBY Group Inc, owner of the famed “men’s lifestyle” magazine Playboy, is launching a new NFT PfP (profile pic) project, consisting of 11,953 unique 3D-animated bunny avatars.

Nope, not the kind of bunnies the franchise is known for, we’re talking largely fully clothed cartoon bunnies here. Because, you know, the crypto space has been in desperate need of more cutesy, toony animals.

According to an October 20 announcement, the project is called Rabbitars, and is a “lagomorphic-themed civilisation of 11,953 non-fungible rabbits”, which takes inspiration from Playboy’s iconography and heritage.

Playboy looks to be building a bit of a world and story around the Rabbitars, part of which appears to involve an exclusive NFT community, a la Bored Ape Yacht Club, as well as a virtual Playboy mansion.

The actual number of NFTs pays homage to Playboy’s founding year of 1953 and the tokens will be more than just another jpeg option for crypto-degenerate Twitter profiles. They’ll also act as “keys to a reimagined Playboy Club”, which will give the NFT owners access to exclusive events, content and merchandise.

“The Rabbitars are a rare species of rabbit known for their extraordinary speed, cultural sophistication, razor-sharp wit, inimitable intellect, fantastic fashion sense, and in some cases, sexual prowess,” reads the press release.

Each Rabbitar will be generated from more than 175 possible traits, including fur, facial features, ears and headwear, apparel, accessories, occupation-related characteristics and more. Playboy iconography will feature throughout the collection, with the rarest NFTs including traits inspired by “significant aspects of Playboy’s art and editorial history”.

What’s the bet a bunny in Hef’s smoking jacket will be the most coveted Rabbitar?



When sale?

Bearing in mind these are US timezone dates, the launch of the Ethereum-based NFT collection begins on October 24, with a pre-sale for whitelisted investors happening until October 26. Two public sales will then take place the following day – one for USD customers, and the other for people who want to give up some ETH.

It’d be helpful if the project gave the dates and exact timings according to an actual time zone, but we’re struggling to find that info. It’ll likely come, so keep a floppy ear to the ground.

Where buy?
You can attempt to jump in on the action via the official Playboy Rabbitar website. They may (or may not) prove popular to get at mint.

How much?
Rabbitars will be priced at 0.1953 ETH each (see what they did there again?). At the time of writing, that’s about US$825 or about AUD $1,100.

More info?
Yep, you can head down the rabbit hole at the official Rabbitar Discord (beware of imitations) and follow the project on Twitter.

‘Wen moon’?
NF idea. But maybe some of these bunny holders will be caught with their pants down in a… bare market. (Here all week, try the veal.)

Peak crypto? Yeah, quite possibly.