RealFevr (FEVR), a Portuguese tech startup moving into crypto, is about to kick off the first officially licensed football (soccer) video-moment NFTs, in an attempt to become the next NBA Top Shot success story.

Founded in 2015, the Lisbon-based company already has a well-established fantasy football P2E (play-to-earn) mobile game with more than two million downloads.

The game is backed by global professional football team and player intellectual property (IP) and RealFevr is an official partner of Liga Portugal and the Portuguese Football Federation.

And now it’s planning to leverage this existing base to strike hard into the back of the global NFT and crypto world’s ever-broadening net.

According to recent press releases and a YouTube interview with CEO Fred Antunes and the Portuguese Manchester United player Bruno Fernandes, RealFevr is launching “the first-ever football video NFTs marketplace fully backed by IP”.

The company is going hard on the NFT side of its venture and is setting its sights on global expansion, too, with plans to open a new headquarters in London later this year.

“We are not entering the NFTs fever just because of the current market trend,” said Antunes, “but because we believe in its intrinsic value and we are here for the long term. We are working to make our future platform a world reference in the sports industry.”


What does the RealFevr token do?

FEVR is a newly released “utility” token designed to power the RealFevr’s Digital Collectibles marketplace, both of which are built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) – one of Ethereum’s main competitors, especially when it comes to the buzzy NFT space.

The project has also, however, just partnered with the Polygon (MATIC) “layer 2” network to “explore lower NFT minting costs and provide users with a faster, more reliable experience”.

RealFevr describes FEVR as the “oil” for the NFT marketplace, which is another way of saying that it’s required to buy and trade the packs of NFT football moments.

That’s the chief usage but there are other aspects to it that can apparently reward holders of the token as well. For the full “tokenomics”, have a read of FEVR’s litepaper if you want to go into it in depth.

Additionally, RealFevr’s P2E fantasy football game is, of course, set to incorporate FEVR. The prize pool for its upcoming 2021/2022 fantasy league will include more than 500,000 FEVR and over 600 NFT packs, distributed to more than 2,700 winners over the course of the competition.


NFTs reaching FEVR pitch?

While holding or using the FEVR tokens is one thing, the real value opportunity could come from buying the NFT packs, which will also include elements of in-game utility themselves to add to their value beyond the collectible scarcity factor.

The NFT market has been in surge mode again lately, with the likes of cartoon cats, pixelated punks and images of nondescript rocks going gangbusters and clogging up the Ethereum network.

The overall NFT market reached more than $2.5 billion in transactional value in the first half of this year, with NBA Top Shot (built on the FLOW blockchain) one of the leaders with more than US $700 million in sales between January and the end of May.

Like most crypto projects, it cooled off considerably during the big market dips in May and June, however, it could be set to take advantage again if things continue to get frothy in the crypto space.

Could RealFevr’s football-moment packs take off like NBA Top Shot? We’re not making any predictions whatsoever as it could always turn out to be a boring nil-nil draw or a crushing defeat on penalties.

That said, we know how obsessive fans of the “World Game” are.

Some potential NFT fans, yesterday. Photo: Getty Images


The first-edition packs of the RealFevr NFTs will go on sale on Thursday August 12 at 2pm UTC (midnight, Friday 13 AEST). These first NFTs will focus on Portuguese stars, including the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Bruno Fernandes and “Hulk”, although there are plans to include stars from the wider football world in subsequent releases.

You can find out how to purchase them here.